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 Auto-tune the news!

Auto-tune the news!

Everything sounds better


Auto-Tune the News is a web series by the Gregory Brothers (and Evan's wife Sarah), under the YouTube username "schmoyoho" (accent on the yo), that consists of taking news clips and applying the auto-tune filter to them. Combined with backing vocals, clever editing, masterful tunes and witty lyrics, the result is often Crowning Music of Awesome. In recent days, shorter songs made using a single source have also become wildly popular.

Provides examples of

 "We're having a conversation / about the implication / of sexual orientation, / a silly allegation / of extreme exaggeration / and pointless information / when it comes to confirmation..."

 Angry Gorilla: Our logic and reason have proved you wrong!

Bølverk: Go back to Douchebagistan, where you belong.

Angry Gorilla: Don't make me have to start World War III.

Bølverk: Bring it on; THESE GUNS ARE WMD!

 YES: This actually happened. I know what you're thinking, but seriously, this is real.


American Centrists rejoice

 Subscribe, and tell us what to songify.

Do your own version and we'll link it if it's super fly.

Schmoyoho, accent on the yo!

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