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  • At first I hated the intro of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me for making Vanessa a fembot. It ruined the first movie for me when I first saw it happen. I realized it was a satire on disposable Bond girls, but it still seemed like a Wallbanger. Then I realized that this scheme illustrates just how much Dr. Evil hates Austin Powers. Dr. Evil had actually set up a Xanatos Gambit in the first film. The real purpose of the scheme was to get Austin to fall in love with Vanessa during the crisis; to set him up to be killed in the most emotionally painful way possible. Of course, this being a satirical series and Austin Powers being a Kavorka Man, he gets over it really fast. -M84
    • Or, alternatively, she was captured and killed before being replaced by a fembot, but this is only speculation, since they moved on pretty quickly. -The Otaku Ninja
    • I'm pretty sure the whole joke is that it makes no sense and completely violates continuity (her conversation with her mother, fembots not being able to survive exposure to his mojo) for the sake of status quo. Basil even off-handedly says that everyone but Austin already knew about it.
    • I figured it was part of the spy film parody. Look how James Bond always ends his movies involved with a woman but at the beginning of the next movie, she's disappeared and nobody mentions her. That was the point of Basil saying he knew - Austin's probably gone through something like this with a dozen women already.
    • Definitely Negative Continuity due to Fembot Vanessa saying he should have done foreplay. Which he did at the end of the first movie.
  • In Goldmember, it used to bug me how Austin basically extends his hands out to Dr. Evil's newest secret lair (right after the intro). But then I realized, Austin catches him a scene later. He already knew where he was, and since there's not much of a 4th wall, he's showing us where the next scene takes place, since he already knows where to go.
  • Also in Goldmember, we see Nigel Powers telling Mini-Me that his junk looks like a baby's arm holding an apple. Later in the movie what does Austin and Mini-Me's shadows do behind the curtain?
  • Mini-Me is "a tripod." Mini-me is an exact clone of Dr. Evil, who is Austin's twin brother. Logically, that means that that also applies to Austin himself. Explains all of Austin's Mojo, doesn't it?
  • I was really bothered by the paradox created by Mustafa, who is killed by Dr. Evil in the first film, but is then killed chronologically before that by Austin in the second, meaning that he shouldn't have been around to kill a second time. Then I remembered the scene where Fat Bastard steals Austin's mojo in the '60s, and Austin is immediately affected in '90s. Mustafa was alive in the first film because Austin hadn't travelled back in time and killed him yet. Somehow I doubt that's what the filmmakers were going for, but it makes sense to me, so I'll take it.
  • When Felicity said that Austin had his mojo the whole time. I thought at first that it was some mundane "It's inside you the whole time cliche." However thinking about it she was right. When Austin went back in time to 1969 to his pad, he finds himself dancing at a party that seemed to be held in his honor despite being frozen. All the dancing, women and especially seeing Felicity for the first time, recharged his mojo. He just didn't know it because he was too hung up about it to notice.
  • While at a glance the scene where Austin is on Mini-Me's shoulders to compensate for the one uniform disguise is Rule of Funny, there is some brilliance to it. While many henchmen are Genre Blind to notice Austin in any Paper Thin Disguise, they know who Mini-Me is in both face and Height. So if he were to be the head on Austin's shoulders, they'd see through it right away.
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