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This page is for characters originating from Atelier Totori. For characters from Atelier Rorona see its own page.

Totooria Helmold (Totori)

Protagonist of the game. She is Rorona's first and only student in alchemy. She's weak and not very smart but alchemy has given her more confidence in herself. Decides to become an adventurer in order to find her mother.


Totori's childhood friend. He wishes to become the world's greatest adventurer and drags Totori along with him. Tends to be hyper and very loud.

Melvia (Mel)

Ceci's childhood friend and adventurer mentor to Totori. Despite her looks, she is abnormally strong and powerful

Mimi Houllier von Schwarzlang

An aristocrat who wishes to become a famous adventurer to bring pride to her family name. She's prideful, snooty, and tends to be quite selfish, but she has a good heart.

  • Action Girl
  • Foil: To Cordelia. Both of them are Tsundere aristocrats, yet while Mimi views the title as something important that warrants immediate respect, Cordelia thinks nothing much of it.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Lady of War: She obviously wants to be one and has the aesthetic down in combat. She's still a bit too immature to really pull it off, though.
  • Tsundere: While she is a natural tsundere, it tends to be even worse when it comes to Totori.


A scientist living in Arland.

Cecilia Helmold (Ceci)

Totori's elder sister. Since their mother disappeared, she's taken charge of the household. She was initially opposed to Totori becoming an adventurer, but she eventually relented, though she still doesn't approve much.

Guid Helmold

Totori and Ceci's father. He tends to be very quiet and calm, to the point people tend to not notice him when he's in a room. Spends most of his time fishing.

Gisela Helmold

A famous adventurer and mother of Ceci and Totori. She disappeared years ago during an adventure and everyone has assumed the worst about her except for Totori, who goes looking for her.

Filly Dee

A receptionist at the adventurers guild. She gives out quests to Totori when Totori is in Arland. Incredibly shy, she was forced to become a receptionist when her older sister Esty(from Atelier Rorona) suddenly quit.


The carriage driver in Alanya

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