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Fridge Brilliance

  • To some, Deus' weapon of choice might seem a bit odd, but that's until you realise that they are based of the Vajra which can mean thunderbolt.
  • Sergei's Halo comes of as a bit unusual due to it being shaped like a lunar crescent. Then you realise it symbolizes Lunacy.
  • The similarities between Berserker Asura and Vlithra's Core seem to just make the latter a Mirror Boss. But then you remember that Vlitra is the will of the planet driven made by rage at Humanity and Demigods, and Asura's Mantra affinity is Wrath. They possess similar forms because they share the same mantra affinity: Wrath.
    • It also makes sense because in the original mythology, Vritra IS an Asura.
      • Then it starts entering Fridge Horror territory. Could it be that Vlitra used to be a Guardigan General that used the Wrath mantra prior to Asura and lost himself to his wrath but never got out of it, and in the end becoming the Golden Spiders pawn?
        • Well, Vlitra is actually Gaia's Vengeance personified, and the Gohma were created by the Golden Spider in the first place. Nothing has ever stated what happened to the last possessor of the Wrath mantra. More than likely, that predecessor died in combat with the Gohma, as Kalrow is the oldest of the Seven Deities, and Augus, when unaffiliated with the Eight Guardian Generals, called them all weak. As far as I know, Asura has been the only known Demigod to take his powers to such a level.
  • When I was near the end of Asura's fight with Chakravartin, I was...mystified. All of a sudden, I was pressing Action Command buttons for Chakravartin, along with the buttons for Asura. It wasn't until about half a minute in that I realized...although I was pressing those buttons, I was not the one who was giving the commands. So I stopped...and the buttons kept on pressing themselves for Chakravartin. Then it hit me in a flash of brilliance: I was so consumed with trying to tear Chakravartin apart, that I forgot what he was, and what I was doing. I was fighting the Creator.
  • Who knew that the first boss fight in the game would foreshadow the last fight on the DLC? When Wyzen became Gongen Wyzen, he drew upon the Mantra Reactor, the Brahmastra's power source. During this stage of the battle, Gongen Wyzen calls Asura this: "The Destructor".
  • Why did Chakravartin loose to Asura when he described himself as omnipotent? He is a creator god, he only lost due to his arrogance.
  • Why is Asura so much weaker than the Seven Deities until he gets really fucking pissed enough to trigger a burst and then knock them apart with a few punches? Because unlike everyone else in the Seven (save Augus, possibly) he never received a Mantra reactor when the Seven ascended. This isn't apparent until the DLC, where Yasha opens Asura's chest to reveal that he doesn't have a reactor, whereas Yasha does. That's why every battle Asura is involved in is an uphill struggle; until he gets angry enough that his Affinity for Wrath lets him draw on enough power to match his opponent, he's just not able to fight them evenly.
  • Drawing on the above, how are Asura and Yasha able to defeat Deus despite his overwhelming power? Deus' Mantra Affinity is Pride. By constantly and continuously hitting him over and over, they keep wounding his pride and thus reducing how much Mantra he can pull. That's why Yasha has such a hard time against Deus in Episode 15.5, because Deus was still extremely powerful and thus Yasha's attacks did nothing, fueling his pride and making him even stronger.

Fridge Horror

  • According to some of Asura's line to the Golden Spider this does'nt seem to be the first time he entered his Berserker form. Then what the hell drove him over the edge in the past?
    • If chapter 11.5 is any indication, that was the one other time he was driven over the edge with despair.
    • The Stinger at the end of the DLC hints at the return of Mantra. Does this mean Chakravartin was reborn as well?

Fridge Logic

  • But, seriously: how the hell did Augus and Asura get to the moon?
    • And why didn't we get to see it?
      • They jumped.
      • Pretty much. That was how they got from the moon back down to the planet, after all.
      • They maybee used Augus Septentrion ship. Considering it lies crashed on the moon in the lost episode 2 the landing probably wasn't wery soft.
  • Why didn't Reincarnated!Asura recognize any statue that looked like him? Just saying it's a bit awkward not to know who you are. Second, he would've been pissed from people seeing him as a god.
    • The first thing someone thinks of when they see a statue of someone famous who looks like them is not "Holy shit that guy is me!" It is usually "That statue looks kind of like me. That's funny."
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