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A Youtube series written and directed by Maximilian Christiansen. Based on the fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, Assist Me! is built around helpful character tutorials designed for the intermediate-to-advanced player looking for strategies and tips. These tutorial segments are interspersed with live-action skits, starring "Max" and featuring a host of guest actors as the grab bag of demihumans, supervillains and all-purpose malcontents on the MvC3 roster.

Max is joined in every episode by his roommates, the ineffable genius (or so he'd have you believe) Victor Von Doom and highly adorable sun goddess Amaterasu. Together, Max and Doom air-combo, X-Factor, and wavedash their way towards mastering the game before Galactus makes good on his threat to annihilate the world.

Though Doom mostly complains and gobbles yogurt. Mostly.

All episodes so far are available at Max's Youtube account, Miles923. The show is currently having some production troubles, but is still airing while looking for options.

This series provides examples for:

  • All Men Are Perverts: Or at least, all men in the film crew are perverts.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: In-Universe. Imagine Strong Bad changed his interest from answering emails to Marvel vs Capcom 3 and ponies, and replaced his boxing gloves with Finger Lasers. That's basically this version of Doom. He also has next-to-no knowledge of most of the Marvel characters.
  • Back From the Dead: Wesker, twice. Once after Doom uses his level 3 hyper on him during their fight, and again when he relives the ending to Resident Evil 5. Complete with missle to the face. It's never mentioned how he survived these events, but Rule of Funny applies.
  • Badass Adorable: Amaterasu, Shinto Sun Goddes and Mother of Creation, is a Pomeranian.
  • Boastful Rap: Wesker vs. Doom, a passable parody of Epic Rap Battles of History.
  • Book Ends: In a sense. In the Ultimate Assist Me series, the first and last episodes start the same way: Max/Doom is talking with someone on their cell phone about Ultimate, and the conversation ends with them finding someone on the couch eating something of theirs. (Doom eating Max's sandwich and Rocket Raccoon eating chips, respectively.)
  • But Now I Must Go: Both Strider Hiryu and Ghost Rider vanish into the sunset at the end of their respective episodes, to Doom's bromantic chagrin.
  • Celebrity Resemblance: Max is compared to Nicolas Cage and Chad Kroeger on several occasions. Sometimes, it has consequences...
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: Doom's "human-sized blender" Hyper Combo. And transporting someone into the TV - wearing a S.T.A.R.S. uniform - to get eviscerated by Nemesis.
  • Deal with the Devil: Doom makes a deal with Dormammu to get an early copy of Ultimate. Unfortunately, he pays him with Bison dollars which causes Dormammu to wipe Strider's mind clean in retaliation.
  • Did Not Do the Research: In Vergil's Assist Me, Max refers to Vergil as Dante's half-brother (they are actually twins).
  • Dirty Mind Reading: According to Phoenix, Doom's inner most desire is to see her and X-23 naked.
  • Double Entendre: "You tried to show X-23 your 'Hidden Missile'?"
  • Everything's Deader with Zombies: A continuing subplot of the skits, which culminates in the two-part Chris Redfield episode. The natural consequence of keeping people like Wesker and Jill around, really.
  • Framing Device: The entirety of the comedy series is one for Maximilian's character tutorials, which have their roots in his previous series "Marvel vs. Capcom 3: The Online Warrior". The deal is simple: either master the game, or Galactus destroys the Earth. With the expansion of episodes to two or even three parts, though, the storytelling device has begun to outstrip the gameplay for more of a straight Dramedy feel.
  • Funny Animal: Rocket Raccoon, who appears as a foul-mouthed puppet. Given what he's like in the comics, that's not too far off.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: The entire series. Everyone who's in Marvel vs. Capcom seems to know vaguely how to play it; characters will often break off impending duels to listen to Max talk about cross-ups.
  • Hammerspace: Doom's hood can hold an improbable amount of video games and bottles of alcohol. Even Doom gets confused.
  • Hand Blast: Doom's FINGER LASERS. Threatened at every opportunity.
  • Heterosexual Life Partners: Doom and Strider, as they were in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. Just watch Doom's reaction when Strider enters the house.

 Max (whose face is bright red): I can't feel my face.

  • Pet the Dog: While X-23 is quite hot-blooded and not above threatening Max and Doom with her claws, she's one of the few characters who can pet Ammy without getting murdered.
  • Psychotic Smirk: Max when breaking Wesker's jaw with an arcade stick.
  • Reality Warper: Doom needs to simply click his fingers and he gets whatever he wants. Including sending characters into games and alterign the results of Deadpool's "kill Max" web poll.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: Ammy. Dear lord Ammy.
    • Cute Bruiser: That won't stop her from viciously attacking Doom and Wesker, on the other hand.
  • Power Incontinence: Doom's Reality Warping finger snap isn't entirely under his control and the only thing it can consitantly do is get Doom a drink when he needs it most.
  • The Thing That Would Not Leave: Doom in the first Season. By Ultimate Assist Me Doom is officially Max's roomate.
  • The Rival: Wesker (played by Michael Young) and Doom torment each other in every appearance.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Dr. Doom himself; while he really ought to be a big name, given that he owns a country and represents a constant threat to world peace, he mostly comes off as a posturing blowhard with no social life outside Max's apartment.
  • Say My Name: In the Chris Redfield episode.

 Chris: WESKER!

Wesker: CHRIS!



Doom: Sorry, Doom got caught up in the moment.

  • Sir Not Appearing In This Webseries: Max has stated that Dante has the least likely possibility of appearing (despite being one of the most requested characters) due to issues stemming from Dante's very large moveset and finding the right actor to play Dante.
  • Sitcom Arch Nemesis: Doom hates Reed Richards and was once charged for putting a flaming bag of dog poop on the Richard's front doorstep.
    • Don't forget about the time Doom called him just to laugh about the Human Torch's death.
  • Shown Their Work: When it came to doing Phoenix Wright's Assist Me, they brought in pro commentator UltraDavid, who is a real-life lawyer.
    • As mentioned above, portraying Rocket Raccoon as foul-mouthed and a bit of a jerk, which is not too far from his comic incarnation.
  • Skewed Priorities: Max funnily enough

 Jill: Victor, Max, we have to focus. Wesker's planning on blowing away the entire West Coast with Oroboros.

Max: The entire West Coast? Some of the best Street Fighter players are on the west cost. My favorite Arcade is on the West Coast! {Beat} And my house.

 Vergil: My mother is dead! Disfigured half-wit...

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