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If you're planning a murder, why settle for an ordinary killing? Why not ensure your act of violence has that certain special flair by decorating the scene of the crime with antlers? Better yet, dispatch your target with the antlers! No way will anyone mistake your work for that of an ordinary killer then.

This appears to be a new trope, freshly emerging from the collective unconscious of TV and movie writers. Entertainment Weekly first noticed it in January 2014.

Contrast with Animal Assassin, where a whole, living animal does the killing on its own.

Examples of Assault with A Deadly Antler include:

Television - Live Action

  • The 1979 miniseries Salem's Lot had possibly the very first instance, with a murder victim impaled on antlers.
  • On Hannibal (2012-13 season), the Chesapeake Ripper also impaled a victim on a set of antlers.
  • The first murder victim of the 2013-14 season of HBO's True Detective was staged with antlers on her head.
  • Game of Thrones is rife with stag imagery, with the consequence that any deaths in the general vicinity of House Baratheon are unable to avoid having antlers associated with them.

Web Original

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