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A disconnected collective of amateur artists and writers that are fans of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. Taking fandom into their own hands they take their own original characters or different interpretations of characters from the show and answer questions asked by internet dwellers in the Tumblr format. Some are Safe for work, some are not, some are high quality, others are funny, and some leave much to be desired. Nevertheless, they are all about pony and what the fans can do with them.

Here is a comprehensive list of every single ask a pony blog. Enjoy, and remember, they're hit or miss.

Blog List

And here are some of the more popular blogs if you don't feel like wading through the massive list above, along with some of our personal favorites.

  • Ask Octavia - Probably one of the longest-running of the blogs listed here (at over 40 pages); focuses on fan-favorite music pony Octavia. Loosely based on The Vinyl Scratch Tapes, featuring frequent appearances from DJ Pon3, Tavi's bandmates, and Pinkie (who is her cousin here).
  • Ask Princess Molestia (and Gamer Luna) - If "Ask Octavia" is the longest-running blog, then this one is the most (in)famous. Run by Brony community artist superstar John Joseco, it follows the gag-a-day exploits of a very, very promiscuous, lilac-maned version of Princess Celestia. Recently, the blog has been extended to include her sister Luna, who here is a spirited gamer.
  • Ask Pinkamina Diane Pie - Based on the infamous fanfic Cupcakes, this blog pretty much started the whole Grimdark Pony blog subset, which eventually grew to encompass most of the show's cast. Although it was closed down a while ago, it has been resurrected under the same name as a partial archive. NSFW.
  • Ask Lil' Miss Rarity - Rarity's cat Opalescence scratches her face, and Rarity discovers her masochistic side. It doesn't get any better from there. Another one of the major influences on the grimdark Ask Pony blog subset. Very, very NSFW.
  • Ask Whirly and the Night Guards - A blog featuring three very popular pegasusOCs: Whirly Willow, a Canterlot fashion designer, and Adam "Wrath" and West "Vengeance", two members of Equestria's Night Guard. At times both funny and dramatic, it tries to explain some of the intricacies of the Equestrian military structure. It also has a sort developing backstory plot. It features top-notch artwork by genius brony artist Puzzle-Of-Life (seriously, just look at that gallery).
  • Ask Aquilinus: Follows the life of Aquilinus, Chief officer of Celestia's personal guard. Similar to Whirly, it is sometimes hilarious, sometimes dramatic; one day focusing on Aquilinus' exploits as a Casanova, and another giving a detailed history of the clan-oriented military, and how his family fits in.
  • Ask the Night Guards/Friendship is Top Secret: A blog which features two different night guards (though with similar names: Adamant and Westwood). Unlike the above, these two are Desk Jockeys, in charge the Royal Library. They oversee classified and declassified documents alike, ranging from the mundane to Tomes of Eldritch Lore. Functions as an extended Grand Unifying Guess, attempting to unite previous generations of MLP and depicting Equestria as a world built atop the ruins of human civilization.
  • Ask the Pie Sisters - Focuses on Pinkie's sisters Blinkie & Inkie, though Pinkie herself shows up quite a bit. Here Pinkie's sisters still work on their parents' rock farm and are quite friendly. Comes up with some fascinating, yet believable, answers to the functions of a rock farm.
  • Ask Ruby Pinch - Berry Punch's daughter, and a contender for "Most Adorable Blog".
  • Ask Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie - A very adorable, well-loved comic with a fair amount of playful, light shipping.
  • Carrot Top's Garden - One of the more popular Carrot Top blogs full of your usual zany Carrot & Derpy goofiness, Carrot's attempts to outsell Applejack, and even some heartwarming fanon building.
  • Ask Misty the Wonderbolt - One of the first Wonderbolts OC Stand Ins (she's the third unnamed judge that Rainbow Dash saves in "Sonic Rainboom"), has a "rack hoodie"
  • Ask Echo the Wonderbolt - Another Wonderbolts OC Stand In (this one has only made a couple of blink & you miss it moments in the show). A blind, yet very optimistic and determined Wonderbolt who uses echolocation to "see". Notable for starting & becoming popular a few days before she got named "Fleetfoot" in the show, which the blog has adopted as her surname.
  • Ask Surprise - Another Wonderbolts OC Stand In, but also the G1 pony Pinkie is based on! Imagine Pinkie Pie, but her cartoony wackiness taken to Beyond the Impossible levels (even by the standards of the show itself). That's Surprise.
  • Ask The Mane Six - Human versions of the Mane Six. OK, this is shameless plug for a local troper, but Mousa The 14 gets extra points for going against the grain with his depictions like chubby Pinkie Pie.
  • Ask a Bishonen Pony/My Little Bishonen - Similar to the above, but features human genderbent versions of the Mane Six.
  • Ask Velvet - an OC pony that runs a lingerie store. Mostly clean, well drawn, it has all the hijinks one would expect from a pony running a lingerie store, and even some drama. Definitely one of the better OC pony blogs out there.
  • Ask Twilight Sparkle Anything - Though there are many Twilight blogs worth reading, this stands a cut above the rest with its excellent pencil-drawn artwork and some deeply emotional responses (i.e. the question of what will happen to Spike when he grows up).
  • Question Zecora - Maintains and even justifies Zecora's unique speech patterns.
  • Ask Smarty Belle - Drawn by Megasweet (one of major artists in the pony community, and originator of the "Ponyshrug" meme), this blog depicts Sweetie Belle as a young ditz with delusions of brilliance.
  • Ask Ice Pack - Despite being an ask blog about a male Zebra prostitute, this blog offers a unique experience while keeping the NSFW only implied, and hilarious 100%.
  • Currently Recording / Ask DJ-P0N3 - contains frequent trade-offs with Ask Octavia, expanding on the relationship of the two characters as well as DJ-P0N3/Vinyl Scratch's personality and back story. Run by Brony celebrity artist Dreatos.
  • Ask Discord Whooves - As the title says, it features Dr. Whooves (a version of 12th Doctor) as a bitter coward and shameless womanizer after his discording. Both an interesting character study and a gag-a-strip blog. One of few with an overarching plot, and excellent art to boot.
  • Ask Grim Dark Big Mac - A parody of grim dark blogs, with a very adorkable Big Mac.
  • Ask My Little Chubbies - Rather than being about a character, this blog is about "bwob" versions of the ponies - Super-Deformed, Up to Eleven. May cause heart attacks from adorable-ness.
  • Ask Plushies - A blog featuring plushie versions of Fluttershy, Derpy, Dinky, and Applejack, as well as chubbies of Lyra and Bon-Bon and occasional guest spots from plushies of Kiki and Bun-Bun. A friendly take on "ponies in the real world" (Lyra, Bon-Bon, and Dinky all came in the mail), with frequent lampshading on their plush natures.
    • Recently, following the creator acquiring chubbies of the Mane Six and Derpy, the Chubbies have acquired their own Tumblr (containing polymer clay sculptures of said chubbies).
  • Ask The Master - A companion blog to Discord Whooves, drawn by the same artist but with a different, unidentified writer, focusing on the Doctor's fellow Time Pony and greatest rival. Considerably saucier than its counterpart, its art and story are just as impressive, and its overarching plot intersects with at least 2 other blogs.
  • Moonstuck - A Homestuck parody featuring Princess Woona (filly Luna) going on an epic adventure on the moon. Made by another very famous Brony artist, Egophiliac. She's the one you have to thank for the "ponies-in-socks" meme. Now has its own page!
  • Ask Meanie Belle - An ask blog that parodies the common Grim Dark takes on characters in the show, by presenting Sweetie Belle trying to be mean, but isn't very good at it. Done by Femmegasm artist, Robbie Allen. Also noteworth is that unlike Femmegasm, Meanie is completely child friendly, NO MATTER WHAT SHE GETS ASKED. Leading some creative and hilarious answers (ie when asked about BDSM, Meanie Belle thought the asker was referring to a cartoon show called Beautiful Darling Super Mare).
  • Ask Stalkerloo - A popular ask blog about Scootaloo being a spy/stalker. Manages to be adorable despite the concept. Worth noting as having some of the best and most beautiful artwork seen in an ask a pony blog.
  • Derpy/Ditzy Q&A A non-Tumblr example, instead being a series of videos with voice overs done by Youtube user BaldDumboRat. Features a very adorable Derpy, with a few nods to other Youtube fan series Doctor Whooves and Assistant.
  • Statued Discord Replies - Discord, once again stuck in a stone prison, has nothing to do but answer tumblr questions from withing the collective unconscious. Features some of the best art anywhere (by brony artist Az-pekt), a very creative writer (ArTImg), plenty of Discord-brand Surreal Humor, and has a habit of starting collaborations with other blogs without their even knowing it.
  • Dan Vs. FiM - Self-explanatory. It's not run by any of the shows' artists, but it sure looks like it!
  • Ask Futashy - Featuring a Futa version of Fluttershy. Despite being heavily NSFW and loaded with Fetish Fuel, it actually manages to be quite adorable.
  • Ask Ipsywitch - Generally pretty innocent (If not a little dark) blog about an OC pony named Ipsywitch that recently moved to a hellish Ponyville to practice black magic. She's normally innocent and friendly, but can be rather scary and mischievous when she wants to be.
  • Ask Hotblooded Pinkie Pie - featuring an extremely GAR Pinkie Pie who drinks burning beer and fistfights tornados, among many other acts of pure hotbloodedness. WHO THE HAY DO YOU THINK SHE IS?!
  • Dr. Adorable's Ask-Along Blog Mixing MLP and Dr. Horrible this blog feature Fluttershy as the eponymous Dr Adorable, following her descent into evil as a result of her childhood experiences. Every bit as adorable (she even has a Ph.D.) as the name suggest.
  • Ask Terry - derived from a rather absurd parody of the (often considered badly made) official MLP:Fi M comics, where Rainbow Dash is racist, Twilight is a princess and Applejack is The Unfavorite, while Terry (actually Scootaloo) has to foil the evil plans of king Zebra (actually Zecora in Spike's hat). As the author puts it, "All the ponies are horrible. You have been warned."
  • Ask Klodette - A voyeur pony who travels Equestria taking naughty pictures of everypony, including the Mane 6. Very NSFW, but adorable in a weird way.
  • Ask Jappleack - A blog based on the .MOV series's Applejack character. She talks smack to the other Ask Blogs and also follows a semi-tangible connection with the .MOV series. Somewhat NSFW. It actually preceded APPLES.MOV.
  • Advice Rarity/The Best Possible Blog - A departure from regular ask blogs, in that fans ask for fashion advice rather than drawn responses. Despite being a text-based blog, it manages to be very in-character and downright hilarious at times. Not to mention, the mod has clearly done their research and each answer is well thought out.
  • Discorderly Conduct / A Dash Of Chaos: A recently-opened Discord blog. Has very good art, an experienced artist, and is a bit more in-character, with Discord being his funny-but-cruel-and-sociopathic self from the show. Updates are very frequent. Occasionally, other MLP villains show up, from the recent Queen Chrysalis to G1's Grogar.
  • Ask Human Luna: One of the oldest of the old. Features some lovely art by the prolific Brony artist 7Nights, and seems to have an overarching plot about the origins of Nightmare Moon and Discord (of all people) trying to save Luna. Became SFW about midway through.
  • Raindrops Answers: A cute blog focusing on Derpy's Palette Swap friend Raindrops. Adorable and a loaf of bread, what more can you ask for?
  • Ask the Flower Trio: Focuses on Daisy, Lily, and Roseluck. Another blog with a cute artstyle, it also goes out of its way to flesh out the personalities of the Flower Trio beyond "get scared of mundane things". Rose has also grown out her mane.
  • Noir Dash An AU blog focusing on humanized versions of the cast in a Film Noir setting. The story is interactive, so think Moonstuck if it took itself more seriously. Features excellent, stylized art, good writing, and Rainbow Dash as a Private Detective. What more could you want?
  • Cupidite / Sorry To Burst Your Bubble: The Queen Chrysalis tumblr blog we've all been waiting for. Features some gorgeous artwork, a sort of sub-plot dealing with Chrysalis' origins ( she might be that unicorn princess of old who drank the love poison) and a frequent update schedule. Usually collaborates with Discorderly Conduct (so you know what to expect).
  • Ask King Metamorphosis: An ask blog by voice actor Victor Frost of Gentlecolt Collaborations (the guy who blew you away with this), where the character responds by audio. This one features the husband of Queen Chrysalis, who is hopping on the "Ask" bandwagon in an effort to gain the favor of the peoples. His answers are sometimes short, sometimes long, but always with the appropriate mood music. As could be expected, despite starting recently he already has to deal with fangirls.
    • On that note, there is also Ask Wild Card, an audio ask blog focusing on the titular OC and his gang of bandits the Crimson Saddles. Very well acted and written, and blends Equestria and the Wild West quite nicely. Bonus: the mod also runs another audio ask blog, Shining Armor Reports.
  • Moonfall: A story and character-driven blog about the origins of Celestia and Luna. If you want to see exceptional art, an interesting Myth Arc / Origin Story, and copious amounts of baby Luna adorableness, this one's for you!
  • Ask the Crusaders (Temporarily renamed Ask Sweetie Belle! (For now)) - A Cutie Mark Crusader blog that started out with the CMC making a tumblr account to earn their Cutie Marks. It features artwork that's indistinguishable from the show, and that's not even the best part.
  • Hay Days / Equestrian As Apple Pie: Recently started Granny Smith Ask blog. Since it's made by the people behind Cupidite and Discorderly Conduct, we won't even wait to see if it's good.


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