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Taking up the example laid down by Nobody Dies, Ascension doesn't shy away from Shout Outs either.

Ace Combat

  • The squad dispatched to pursue the mysterious Evangelion in S2Ch10 has the callsign "Moebius".

Battlestar Galactica

  • Yui shares her English VA and her to-the-point attitude with Admiral Cain.


  • Adam's use of "query affirmative" before his upgrade.

Code Geass

  • Both the Durandals and the Evangelion B-type equipment possess landspinners. Also, B-type equipment mounts slash harkens in the Eva Fins next to progressive knives.
  • The overall silhouette of Evas with their backpack-mounted reactors somewhat resembles a Knightmare Frame.
  • The mysterious Evangelion in S2Ch5 has a blue version of the Guren SEITEN's Energy Wings. It also has what is described as a Power Fist with a Radiant Wave Surger.

Full Metal Panic

Gears of War

  • Asuka kills Gaghiel with a chainsaw bayonet.

Ghost in the Shell

  • Kensuke is implied to be a fan.


  • S2Ch9 begins with Kaworu using one of Casper's boasts.

 "These goners don't know who the hell they're messing with!"

Mobile Suit Gundam

  • After the failure of conventional firearms against the Angels, the Evas start using beam rifles.
  • The mysterious Evangelion in S2Ch5 pulls out a beam saber against Israfel. Hyuga even lampshades it.

Mass Effect

  • Adam shares voice actor and theme song with Vigil.


  • Asuka's reaction to Rei's presence during her debut: "Are you holding Bring-Your-Daughter-To-Work Days too?"


  • Kaworu is apparently capable of growing a set of massive claws.
  • Rei has a whipfist.


  • As a result of Second Impact, there is a time dilation field around the US.
  • The Angels all have the designation A-1.
  • Unit-02 is based on the Vermillion prototype.

Soldiers of Anarchy

  • Kaworu quotes part of the introductory narration to Rei after her suicide attempt.


  • "How many of those friggin' knives you've got?!" "As many as I need."
  • Shephard is a direct Expy of O'Neill. Similarly, Rei has shades of Teal'c in her.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

  • Kaworu's personality has Kamina-esque flareups.
    • He already showed signs of it when facing Sachiel but during the battle against Shamshel, he directly quotes Kamina's introductory spiel and catchphrase with added Precision F Strikes for emphasis, complete with Theme Music Power-Up. Since Gurren Lagann doesn't exist in the Ascensionverse, he's not technically ripping off Kamina...
    • And in the second season trailer, he quotes Simon's catchphrase against Sahaquiel.

Warhammer 40000

  • In the battle with Israfel, Unit-00 starts out in an Evangelion-sized Tau Broadside Battlesuit.


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