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 Colonel Jakov: "Hello? What is the frequency?"

Archer: "...Kenneth"?

  • Uta is a German girl with red hair and father issues, like Lola in Run Lola Run. She even has a boyfriend named Manni. Her relationship with a much older assassin is a riff on The Professional.
  • Archer's butler is named Woodhouse.
  • Malory's rivalry with their friend Trudy Beekman is a reference to Lucille's rivalry with her neighbor/friend in Arrested Development. The actress plays both characters. Sterling even says, "Wow, you don't get along with your neighbors anywhere."
  • Also on the airship:

 "Captain Lammers!"

"Nice read, Velma."

  • From "Dial M for Mother"

 (Cyril flashes back to an affair as Lana quizzes him on his past infidelities.

Cyril: Ms. Archer, you're trying to seduce me. ...Aren't you?

(Cut to Cyril in the bathroom with a rifle after Lana dismisses the idea of Cyril snapping over her mass sexual encounter with every male in ISIS.)

Cyril: Seven-six-two millimeter. Full. Metal. Jacke-- someone's in here! .

  • Sterling's codename, Duchess, is also the Fan Nickname for Captain Archer of Star Trek: Enterprise.
  • The visual nod to actor David Rees Snell, whenever Archer is shown with a mustache. Not to mention, the fact that Woodhouse's unrequited love was named Reggie, which is a variation of REG (the initials of Snell's character on The Shield).
  • Archer, Krieger and Cyril subject Trexler to the Ludovico Treatment in "A Going Concern."
  • Give her the rabbit, Lenny!
  • A Friends reference: You know what? We're on a break! Oh yeah? FINE BY ME!
  • Krieger is a boy from Brazil.
  • "You maniac! You blew her up! Damn you all! Damn you all to hell!"
  • The racers in the beginning of "Jeu Monegasque" are named Bell, Bivens & Devoe.
  • Alas, poor Reggie...
  • Bionic Barry!
  • Archer's rampage in "Placebo Effect" is, in his own classic style, a (deliberate) Shout-Out to pretty much every Roaring Rampage of Revenge plot in the kind of media Sterling would partake in. For just a few examples, the grenade up the ass is quite similar to scene in Man on Fire, and "Did you see Regis this morning?" is a play on a famous ending from Magnum, P.I..
  • Cheryl's ocelot is named "Babou."
  • Cheryl's family, the Tunts, are an expy of the Vanderbilt family, from their railroad fortune down to there being multiple "Corneli-i", to the "Tuntmore" (Biltmore) House and a matriarch who is nostalgic for the days of slavery.
  • "White Knights" has Archer barefoot for most of the episode. There is a lot of broken glass involved.
  • "This agency is not your personal bank account for you to jet off to Whore Island!"
  • The "Sky Captain of Yeasteryear" outfit/setting/airplane from season 3 references Tales of the Gold Monkey.
  • Lana's car during the Grand Prix is white with a red and blue stripe and the number 53.
  • Benoist, the Matre D' Hotel from the Grand Prix episode may be a shoutout to Robert Benoist, Grand Prix driver and, interestingly enough, wartime spy.
  • The Ray viral video is a reference to the opening credits of Ironside starring Raymond Burr.
  • In the second part of the third season finale, there is a security alert calling attention to Pod 6. Which is full of jerks.
  • While on the space station, Barry clinks beer bottles together while chanting, "Archer, come out to plaaay!" This is a reference to Luther doing the same thing in the climax of The Warriors.
  • Barry exposes his cyborg innards at the end of Season 2 in the exact same manner Quinn did in the first pilot of Sealab 2021.
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