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"Apocalyptica, we love you boys!"
James Hetfield, on their performance of Metallica music with him as the guest vocal.

Some creators at least accept the presence of a fan work or a parody of their work. After all, there are creative fans who are willing to make anything based upon a work they love. Also, there are some other creators who not only accept such works existing, but also enjoy the fan material and sometimes even showcase it to other fans.

While not everything that the creator would enjoy would become Ascended Fanon, some works, ranging from fan art to song parodies and fan films, would be good enough to catch the attention of creators, or at least those involved in the source material. Not only could the creators outright state their enjoyment for the fan material, but they can even link that work to share with other fans. Sometimes such works can become Ascended Memes.

Compare with Ascended Fanon, Promoted Fanboy, Official Fan Submitted Content.

Examples of Approval of God include:

Anime and Manga


  • Garfield Minus Garfield, a webcomic that takes Garfield strips and airbrushes out all the characters except Jon, leaving a strip about a crazy man who talks to himself. Jim Davis enjoyed it enough to approve publishing a book of the best ones.
  • Sonic the Comic Online, a fan-made continuation of the long-defunct Fleetway comic, received messages of support from most of the creative team behind the original publication, some of whom have since contributed artwork and consulted on storylines.
  • Alan Moore has said that Harry Partridge's Saturday Morning Watchmen is the only adaptation of his work which he approves of. Dave Gibbons loved it, too.



  • The authors of the Warrior Cats books enjoy the fanimations that fans have made - most notably, they've linked to SSS Warriors and AlliKatNya's "Gravity of Love" AMV.
  • Zig Zagged with JK Rowling and the Harry Potter Lexicon, a fan-made website which indexed everything in the Potterverse. Rowling was more than happy with it as a website but once the owner published it as a real book she sued, because it was essentially the entire Harry Potter series as written by her only organized differently and with him as the purported author.
    • Rowling has a section on her website to honor fansites who catalog her books, like Mugglenet or The Leaky Cauldron. She's also expressed that she wishes she had thought up the shrunken head on the Knight Bus in the third Harry Potter film. She takes a "go ahead, I won't look" view toward fanfiction, though.


  • Weird Al Yankovic's parodies are sometimes met with this from other artists.
    • Michael Jackson was a big fan and he enjoyed the parodies of his work. He also lent Al the set from the music video of "Bad" to shoot the music video for "Fat".
    • Kurt Cobain of Nirvana was incredibly flattered when Weird Al asked for permission to parody "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Cobain only requested that the lyrics to the song not be about food.
  • Corey Taylor of Slipknot was asked what he made of "Psychosocial Baby", a mashup of the Slipknot song "Psychosocial" and "Baby" by Justin Bieber. Contrary to the opinions of many Slipknot fans, he loved it and found it hilarious.
  • None of The Beatles objected to The Rutles, and George Harrison liked the idea enough to produce and appear in the All You Need Is Cash Mockumentary.
  • They Might Be Giants post many fan videos of their music on their Facebook page and website, among various other things. A popular flash for "Certain People I Could Name" garnered much attention from them.
  • Apocalyptica started out their career covering songs by Metallica on 4 cellos. Metallica liked their arrangements so much that they played with Apocalyptica playing music written by the former in arrangments done by Apocalyptica.

New Media

Stand Up Comedy

  • Eddie Izzard has said he's impressed with various YouTube videos that take his routines and make them into stop-motion LEGO films.

Video Games


Western Animation

  • Equestria Daily was formed in 2011 as a fansite for My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, and is regularly updated with fan material. Not only does The Hub acknowledge its existence, but it also sent official material, from an extended cut of "Equestria Girls" to exclusive interviews with the show's creative staff.
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