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"I'm Clawshrimpy, This is Applied Phlebotinum, and welcome to the idiocy that is, Cosmic Era"
—Clawshrimpy, Applied Phlebotinum Gundam SEED video blog reviews

Not to be confused with the trope of the same name.

The Applied Phlebotinum blog is a series of formerly podcasts, now video blogs, created by an individual troper called Clawshrimpy. His first work was a Podcast of his review of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann where he looked at it in 3 episode chunks. He chose to continue in the form of video blogs, and has moved on to review other Science Fiction and Mecha anime, such as Gundam Seed, in a similar format, it's sort of like "Sci Fi Debris except for Mecha anime".

You can find his blog at and he is also on

The Applied Phlebotinum Blog provides examples of:

 Clawshrimpy: After all, nothing bad is gonna happen to the poor civillians or anything, especially now that all the major characters decided to stay on-board! *laughs half-heartendly* ...This is gonna be bad, isn't it.

  • Punctuated for Emphasis: Clawshrimpy delivers one in reguards to Azrael's plan to use nukes against the PLANTS despite the Earth officials not wanting to go through with it, in the vlog for Gundam SEED's last 5 episodes.

 Clawshrimpy: THEY. ARE. DETERRANTS.

  • Romantic Plot Tumor: Clawshrimpy seems to lose interest quickly in character relationships. He felt the Cagali/Athrun Ship Tease episode "War for Two" was just filler.
  • Scare Campaign: Clawshrimpy expressed disdain when Only Sane Man Chairman Clyne lost office to Patrick Zala because Patrick Zala used The Bloody Valentine Tragedy this way.
  • Shout-Out: Clawshrimpy seems to be a big fan of Sci Fi Debris.
  • Shown Their Work: Clawshrimpy provided some very good information about the Brave Series in his introduction to GaoGaiGar.
  • Techno Babble: Clawshrimpy has brought up Kira's keyboarding and jargon a few times.

 Clawshrimpy: This episode opens with Kira typing away at his keyboard, spitting out numbers, because god forbid that's why we tune into SEED every week.

  • Too Dumb to Live: Clawshrimpy feels this way about the Gurren Brigade.
    • Not to mention the Earth Alliance at times.
      • Gundam SEED Destiny 1-5 has Clawshrimpy saying this about nearly everyone from the start, up to and including Djbril's cowardly propaganda plan, to Shinn's friends saying that Earth's destruction will make things better for the PLANTS.
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