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Basic Trope: Claiming that the best way to do things is the way they've always been done, regardless of whether or not there are any good/moral/valid reasons to change.

  • Straight: Old Man Wilson argues that Oltown shouldn't invest in the newfangled machines being used in other mining towns; they've always done things the old fashioned way, and they shouldn't stop now!
  • Exaggerated: Wilson thinks they shouldn't change anything about how Oltown lives—not the way they treat the different genders or races, not their use of slavery, not anything!
  • Justified: Wilson has grown up with things the way they are, and would have difficulty adapting to the changes if they were made.
  • Inverted: Junior argues that the old ways should all die and stay dead, and they should change everything about the way they live.
  • Subverted:
    • Wilson argues for adherence to the old ways, but eventually comes around and begins to embrace new technology.
    • Wilson's beliefs claim to be old-fashioned or traditional, but aren't actually based on how things really used to be; they're just there to back up his own reactionary views.
  • Double Subverted: ...until the new technology catastrophically backfires one day, leaving Wilson's grandson dead, so he swears off all new technology for good.
  • Parodied: Wilson is so adherent to tradition that he is shown doing ridiculous things like walking a mile to the closest river to get fresh water while his entire neighborhood has modern plumbing.
  • Deconstructed: Wilson's reluctance to change with the times leaves him behind at his job, where his colleagues use new technology to increase their sales, and as a result, he loses his job.
  • Reconstructed: After losing his job, Wilson moves to an Amish commune where he learns how to live without modern technology.
  • Zig Zagged: Wilson leads La Résistance with the slogan "Restore the old Ways!" But the only way to defeat the Bad Guys is to use hi-tech weapons. Aesops ensue.
  • Averted: The issue of old/new just isn't mentioned.
  • Enforced: The director said: "Everyone agrees with the new plans for renovation? Nah, we need more than that. Have someone oppose it, even if their only excuse is 'it's tradition' - the techies want to see a show go against the whole Status Quo Is God idea."
  • Lampshaded: Junior said: "Weird - everyone says it's traditional, so it's therefore good. Am I the only one who can see the logical gap here?"
  • Invoked: Wilson has become disillusioned with the fast-paced, modern world and as a result makes a pledge to abide by only traditional technologies.
  • Defied:
    • Wilson said: "No. There's got to be a better reason for opposing it than 'it ain't traditional'."
    • "Want to know what else used to be traditional? Human Sacrifice. Just because it's what has always been done, doesn't mean it's right."
  • Discussed: Wilson and Junior have an argument over how tradition can be good and bad.
  • Conversed: Wilson watches a TV show, then says to Junior: "There, you see that? Them folks stood by their tradition, and it paid them. Tradition is right, the show said so!"
  • Plotted A Good Waste: Appeal to Tradition is portrayed to make An Aesop about arguments from this fallacy.
  • Played For Laughs: Oltown has several strange, nonsensical holidays that it always celebrates, like "Peanut Butter Your Pets' Noses Day" and "Men in Women's Underwear Weekend". The younger generations tend to be embarrassed by them, but everyone keeps it up because "It's tradition!"
  • Played For Drama:
    • Wilson's adherence to the 'good ol' ways' threatens his relationship with everyone else, from his family and friends to the rest of the town.
    • Wilson holds enough political power and sway to keep Oltown from making the improvements and adaptions they need to make in order to survive/stay competitive. This makes him increasingly unpopular with the other factions, for obvious reasons.

Back in my day, dinner was at 6:00 pm, folks were honest and trustworthy, and there was always a quick link to Appeal to Tradition.

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