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Asuka: Stop apologizing to me! Grow some backbone!

Shinji: S-Sorry!
Greeley (n.) Someone who continually annoys you by continually apologising for annoying you.

God: Oh, don't grovel! One thing I can't stand it's people groveling.

Arthur: Sorry.

God: And don't apologize! Every time I try to talk to someone it's "sorry" this and "forgive me" that and "I'm not worthy"...

Colette: I'm okay. I'll be fine after a little rest. I'm sorry to cause so much trouble...

Lloyd: Stop apologizing all the time, you dork! It's not as if you can help it.

Colette: (Sigh) You're right; I'm sorry.

 Lucy: Look, I'm sorry-

Keesha: You apologise more than anyone I know.

Lucy: Sorry.

"Listen, Larawell... This isn't homework - this is an assignment from now on, okay? Try to stop saying sorry two out of every three times you open your mouth. Okay?"
Rahzel, Hatenkou Yuugi
"Ichi is so sorry, please forgive Ichi..."
Oichi, Sengoku Basara, repeat ad-infinitum
"Never mind being sorry. You and I waste entirely too much effort apologizing to each other."
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