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The promised time has come. Now, go. Return to where you belong and bring an end to everything.
Gendo Ikari, to Rei, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Shocked again she opened the gates of her tragic past

And bloody images came back to her mind

She remembered the old mission

The dark comet's goal beyond the suns

The flight through that black hole...

Confutatis maledictis

Tragedy storms him

When demons spare her life

And all discover

She has a demonheart...
Luca Turilli, Demonheart

When her blood ran through the dark ice

The surface began to tremble

Quakes and thunders clashing everywhere

This is Zaephyr's tragic doomsday
Luca Turilli, Prophet of the Last Eclipse
If I find a naked girl in the middle of nowhere, I will kill her, right then and there. She is obviously the harbinger of destruction, and it will be easier to do it before I fall in love with her.
The moment that the girl’s closed eyes open, the world will bear witness to the worst kind of lunatic dream it can fantasize…a cruel reaper[god]…
"Rein's World", Sound Horizon
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