Aoi Yuuki

One of the newer seiyuu, though she's had acting experience for quite a long time, Aoi Yuki comes from Chiba, and was born in 1992. Her voice has been used for a wide range of characters, though mostly for young (or young-looking) girls thus far, as well as Emotionless Girls and her Magical Girl roles, which tend to wind up in what you will least expect. She's got a lot of potential in the future.

May be One of Us; she has a penchant for Elegant Gothic Lolita fashions, draws some decent Fan Art, and occasionally drops in some 2Chan slang. She is also apparently famous for being a real life loli, with a height of only 145 cm (about 4 ft 9). Also, all thanks to Puella Magi Madoka Magica, she could enter some relationship with Chiwa Saitou. She also has a relationship with Nao Touyama, being in almost all of the series the other has been in so far.

She's also the winner of the 6th seiyuu annual awards for Best Lead Actress.

Notable roles:

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