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Andrew Klavan on the Culture, or more shortly known as Klavan on the Culture is a series of short video clips by the internet TV channel starring (you guessed it) the conservative writer and commentator Andrew Klavan. The videos had Klavan as a commentator on the video poking fun at liberals by either outright showing the flaws in their arguments or sometimes through Stealth Parody. Klavan's topic of rants tend to varies from high taxes, religion, political figures, and many more.

Has nothing to do with the science fiction novel series by Iain M. Banks: The Culture.

Tropes on these videos:

 Klavan: There are important similarities between our dear saviour and Jesus.

 Klavan: Satanism, after all, is the religion of peace.

(a possessed girl turned her head 180 degrees)

Klavan: Okay, maybe it's the religion of unspeakable evil.

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