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  • The announcement of casting the original voice of Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen, to reprise his role did indeed cause much rejoicing. (It was the Trope Namer for the trope's original name, "Cue Cullen".) The final trailer before its premiere ended with Bonecrusher tackling Optimus and revealing just what kind of special effects this movie would have.
    • They did it again for the sequel: Frank Welker as Soundwave. Although the voice is unmistakably Dr. Claw, it could double as a Mythology Gag since it was always the Dr. Claw voice, heavily modulated.
      • Welker was originally casted as Megatron too, but the producers decided his voice wasn't right for the part and replaced him.
      • However, he got to heft Megs's Fusion Cannon again for the video game adaptations of the first two movies.
    • This official announcement about Transformers III hits the trope with a HSQ to anyone tired of the GM brands in the films.
    • On the toy front, the toys for the third movie have been... underwhelming so far. Cue Sentinel Prime
      • Speaking of Sentinel, more rejoicing followed the announcement of who his voice actor would be: Leonard Nimoy.
    • So Megan Fox is gone, who's this Rosie chick gonna play? Wait... Carly?????
    • So, Corey Burton isn't reprising his role as Shockwave. Bummer. I wonder who they're considering as a replacement... wait, David Warner?!
      • Unfortunately, this was only what they considered. Frank Welker returned to voice instead, and while fans were still moderately impressed it did sour the mood of a few fans.
    • A recent article claims that Bay said the Twins aren't coming back. Oh thank you, God!
    • The revelation of a new group of Autobots calling themselves The Wreckers was quite exciting, since they have never had a real presence in any TF media except for the comics. In addition, Michael Bay stated that they "Don't really hide who they are." and we see NASCAR vehicles outfitted with lots of guns. They're also Nascar fans, mechanics, and, to a certain extent, engineers.
    • High Moon Studios announced as the developers of the Dark of the Moon console game (appropriately enough), as well as the fact it would be a "midquel" to the events of the films, not a straight-up adaptation.
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