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Sometimes, new plays are highly anticipated.

  • The Royal Shakespeare Company are still trying to develop that stage musical of Roald Dahl's Matilda they've been working on for years? Pff, when are they going to learn ... wait, what? They've asked Tim Minchin to write the score?! When do tickets go on sale?!
  • A musical of Little Miss Sunshine? I don't know. The score's being written by William Finn? Yep, that'll work!
    • And with the book written by James Lapine? YES.
  • They're making a musical based on Life of Brian? Ok. Idle's always funny, but this might be a stretch. Wait, they're releasing a performance on DVD starring all of the surviving Pythons? DO WANT!
  • They're doing a musical of "Bring It On?" Okay, might be good... Wait, Lin-Manuel Miranda is writing the music/lyrics? Hell yes!!!
  • What do you get when you cross the Tenth Doctor, Captain Picard, and Hamlet? The best Royal Shakespeare Company production of Hamlet EVER!
  • Cirque Du Soleil's had a hard time impressing its fanbase in the wake of several disappointing shows since 2008, but there are a few recent announcements that excited them:
    • The announcement of Francois Girard as the director of Zarkana (2011) was seen as promising, since his ZED (2008) was a rare bright spot in the recent downward arc.
    • The history-of-film inspired show IRIS (also 2011) made waves with the announcement that Danny Elfman would be writing its score.
  • A modern version of La Boheme? Set in new York? Hm... dunno what to make about it... what, it starred Idina F*ing Menzel in its premier?! AND in the movie? And the movie has Rosario Dawson? Ok, maybe I could take a - OMG OMG OMG, IT'S AWESOME!
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