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  • With Strings Attached? It hasn't been updated since 2002—wait, what? She finished it in 2009? And there are 15 pictures on the Facebook fan page? And she's started on the sequel and has over 700 pages already? Fabulous!
  • Hey, remember the original version of Past Sins? When it first started, there was a BIG split reaction to it that some revisions were required, which helped make it more bearable. However, said version has come back to light... in the best possible way: a mass fan riffing!
  • Who can honestly say they didn't get excited when they saw that Gallantmon was going to be fighting Piedmon in Forget The Y2K, This Is Madness!!.
  • In Naruto Veangance Revelaitons, it initially seemed as though the only well-received development was that the fic was coming to an end. But then the author's former stepbrother hacked into his account and wrote an ending in which Ensemble Darkhorse Edfred restored the Naruto cast to normal and they killed the hated main character Ronan.
  • Technically can apply to just about every fanfic when it gets an update.
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