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Comic books often have large announcements to create excitement, especially when someone famous is hired to write or draw a story.

DC Comics

Marvel Comics

  • When Brian K. Vaughan announced his departure from Runaways, there was much speculation as to who the "worthy replacement" he promised could possibly be. It turned out to be Joss Whedon. Unfortunately, Whedon's Runaways arc was not terribly popular with fans. But at the time, it sure shut up complaints. His replacement Terry Moore on the other hand was more of a WTH? Casting Agency moment, though.
    • and yet again with Kathryn Immonen (writer of the Hellcat mini)
  • The disastrous Crisis Crossover event, Ultimatum, caused many fans to quit Ultimate Marvel until Marvel announced an Ultimate Iron Man miniseries, written by Warren Ellis and an Ultimate Avengers series written by Mark Millar.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #611 will feature a showdown between Spider-Man and Deadpool. A showdown that will, apparently, degrade into "Yo Mamma-geddon". And it's being written by Joe Kelly.
  • The Sentry, a God Mode Sue who gets New Powers as the Plot Demands is killed during Marvel Siege. What's funny is that everyone in the Marvel U is sad because they all loved him, and most fans couldn't stop dancing on his grave.
    • Made even better by the ending of the miniseries itself.

 Captain America (implied to be talking with Barack Obama): "But... I'm going to want to do it my way."

(next page) SUPERHUMAN REGISTRATION ACT THROWN OUT - Steve Rogers AKA Captain America replaces Norman Osborn as America's Top Cop

(final panel) Captain America: "... because I'm going to need all of you for what comes next."

Other Comics


  1. This, however, was undone by the actual story he wrote...
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