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Pretty much resembles Modern Day Africa, at least in the eyes of most Western viewers, although in the less-politically-correct past the "savage with the bone in his nose stuffing the pith-helmeted explorer into a cooking pot" image was quite prevalent. In reality, it had as many empires, heroes, barbarians, and wars as anywhere else in the world.

See also Darkest Africa and Useful Notes: Africa.

Works set in this time period are:

Comic Books

  • One Hellboy story features a retelling of the story of ancient West-African Culture Hero Makoma, a superhuman guy with a hammer who perishes after a Double KO with a 7-headed monster. May or may not be the forerunner to African-American Culture Hero John Henry who also used a hammer & perished in a similar, though less fantastic manner.



  • One of the The Royal Diaries was set in Angola; supposed to be a diary of a young Queen Nzingha (of Ndongo and Matamba), it is truly quite lacking in stereotypes about Africa and presents an interesting picture of the continent during the 1500's (colonization and the slave trade), particularly for a book written for a YA audience.
  • Lots of Robert E. Howard stories are set here, with visits by characters such as Conan or Solomon Kane typically involving Eldritch Abominations terrorizing the countryside.
  • In the middle of the futuristic Zimbabwe of The Ear, the Eye and the Arm is Resthaven, a sacred country where the old ways are preserved[1] - "the spiritual heart of Africa." Even airplanes aren't allowed to fly overhead, and the people who live inside of it have only the vaguest notion of the outside world - most of them.

Live Action TV

Video Games

  • Europa Universalis and its sequels, which let you play as an African empire even if your usual fate is to get invaded.


  1. Even the unpleasasnt ones
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