Physics dead subject
You shouldn't watch these tapes during the night.

Warning: strong content and spoilers ahead.

In general

  • The eerie ambient music playing on each video (especially in Mall of the Future and Physics), even at their beginning when nothing special happens, becomes even more unsettling once the shit hits the fan.
  • The recurring Arc Words God is an illusion (and its variants) are quite jarring, considering they usually occur as a last-ditch attempt to unsettle the viewer after the main events passed.
  • The tapes take place in a Crapsack World full of psychopathic cultists seemingly working for Eldritch Abominations.
  • There is a special red light being something dangerous if not evil. Said frequencies can not only inflict tremendous physical damages but also brainwash those exposed to it.

Safety and Information

  • The hijacked signals, a kind of red light, may cause very gruesome side-effects, including internal bleeding.
  • Where do such signals even come from?. It's strongly implied that they have extraterrestrial or even otherworldly origins.

Amber Alert

  • The EAS displayed is not about a weather alert or civil unrest, but about a child kidnapper with several victims already.
  • The bleeding eye.
  • A message urging people to not trust the authorities.
  • Later, another message telling them to go outside precisely at 2:20 AM and walk six miles east out of blues.
  • The child kidnapper is briefly seen, and something is off about his appearance.
  • Six children were recovered dead.

Mall of the Future

  • The nightmarish background theme, with frequently slows down, speeds up or even reverses whenever a “glitch” is happening.
  • The recurring glitches, notably the pale face with bleeding eyes and the ominous, bloody-red TV in the middle of the screen for several seconds.
  • As the ad goes on, increasingly creepy consigns are displayed in the bottom, notably one that forces Summer County's inhabitants to take sleeping pills that may cause internal bleeding and loss of memory during the night of July 12.
  • What happens during the night of July 12? Why everyone is required to be asleep?
    • Answered in Nature Show as Hollow Lake became an Eldritch Location during this night. This is however already hinted in Mall of the Future as nobody is allowed to be within a 500-meters radius of the lake during that night.
  • The ending.


  • The music during the introduction, which seems especially off. You know that this stuff is going to be particularly creepy.
  • The “spectral frequencies”, which are a special kind of light that cause tremendous damages to anyone exposed to.
  • The experiment ending up with the subject's eyes bursting, and eventually, his whole face and hair dissolving until nothing but the cranium is left.
  • GOD IS AN ILLUSION, written letter by letter. It seems that the red light also affected the scientist.

Prayer Service

Nature Show

  • The documentary reveals what happens in Hollow Lake during the aforementioned night of July 12: grotesque creatures arise from the lake whose water turned into blood. The creatures then proceed to “wander aimlessly”, possibly with hostile intentions. Also, the sky and the Moon turned bloody red!
  • The EAS instructing people to carefully close all windows and doors (confirming the hostile nature of the undead), then to sleep and to forget what they might have seen.

Home Surveillance

  • The whole video is tense since it consists of a series of camera footage from a house. The thing is, there is no jumpscare, though you're expecting to have one at any time.
  • At some point, you can briefly witness the shadow of a tentacle crawling, hinting that something much more terrific is surrounding the house.
  • An outsider is spying on the man watching Channel 7 on his sofa.
  • The latter eventually explodes when the dangerous red static (mentioned in Safety and Information) comes up. Then the camera proceeds to focus on one of his eyes laying on the pool of blood.
  • Ironically, the side effects of watching red static seem much worse than what is mentioned in Safety and Information since the TV owner burst out from the exposure.

Travel Guide

  • Although it's arguably the less creepy of the batch, the dashcam is still eerily creepy, especially when the thunderstorm comes.
  • At one point, the radio mentions that bloody rains falls under the thunderstorms, thus confirming its supernatural nature.
    • Although, the radio might have been corrupted.
  • “A gift for him”
  • The mysterious entity flashing for a mere frame near the end.
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