• In Samantha: An American Girl Holiday, Eddie Ryland is even more of a Jerkass than he is in the books. From the very beginning he bullies Nellie mercilessly, culminating in him gleefully tattling to the adults when the girls spend the night in the boat house and laughing as they get in trouble. To get back at him, Samantha steals his money jar and empties the entire thing into the collection plate at church. After she finishes, she smirks over her shoulder at him, and Eddie is powerless to do anything to get back at her since he knows his mother will likely have his hide tanned if he acts up in church. It helps that he never gets another chance to mess with her or Nellie again, as they both leave Mount Bedford and Eddie far behind for happier pastures.
    • Mrs. Vanderbilt calling out Miss Frouchy, the greedy and uncaring head of Cold Rock House orphanage for her poor treatment of the children and misappropriation of funds.
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