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A series of realistic fiction books by Marissa Moss.

The series follows the everyday events in the life of Amelia, an ordinary girl living in the Pacific northwest. The series opened with Amelia learning how to adjust to moving to a new state. Later books center around other problems that most girls eventually have to deal with, such as crushes, making the jump to middle school, gossip, and babysitting.

Every book is told in an undated diary format, with just as many doodles in the margins and photographs and random objects taped inside as one would expect from a preteen girl. American Girl magazine also ran a column for her, but it was discontinued after nearly a decade.

Not to be confused with Amelia Bedelia.

Tropes associated with Amelia's Notebook:

  Amelia: I better tell Mom that's what I want for my birthday. A brand new notebook!

  • Odd Friendship: Amelia sees Gigi and Cleo's friendship as this.
  • Only One Name: What's Amelia's last name? No one knows.
  • The Unfavorite: Cleo in the Amelia-Mom-Cleo family, as Amelia drives Mom less crazy. However, the tables are turned in the Clara-Dad-Amelia-Cleo-George family, where Amelia, while certainly loved by her father, goes unnoticed.
  • Unreliable Narrator: There is some evidence that suggests that Amelia is not above exaggerating things, given that we only see her life through her notebooks. One such example is whenever Cleo's bedroom cleanliness or her table manners are brought up. It is honestly difficult to believe that Cleo would have boyfriends or even friends with table manners that bad. They can't be that bad in real life.
  • Visit by Divorced Dad: Inverted, because it's Amelia who comes to visit rather than her dad. An entire book, Amelia's Family Ties, centers around Amelia getting a letter from her dad, who offers to let her come visit him in Chicago for a few days so they can catch up. There's apparently still some tension between her parents, since her mom wasn't all that thrilled when the letter came in the mail.
  • Whole-Plot Reference: Amelia's Book of Notes and Note Passing is this to Othello. Carly is Othello, Maxine is Iago, and Amelia is Desdemona. Amelia even lampshades it when she begins to read the play in English class:

  "For a play written centuries ago, it's beginning to sound eerily like my life."

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