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Sometimes the resolution isn't clear-cut. There's a lot left unexplained and the audience is still asking questions.

Contrast Happy Ending and Downer Ending, where the conclusion is obvious.

Examples of Ambiguous Ending include:

Anime and Manga

  • The utterly infamous Hentai Doujinshi Emergence by ShindoL ends this way in the manga itself. Did Saki merely hallucinate about being a mother before dying of a drug overdose, or did she get to survive after all, clean up her act, and become a mother for real? Assuming that Death of the Author is in play, the manga seems to suggest that it could go either way (though comments by ShindoL strongly suggest it's the former).

Film - Live Action

  • Inception: Ends with Cobb returning home to his children after a successful heist. Just to be sure, he spins his totem top one more time, but runs off to see his kids before it stops. The screen cuts to black before the audience knows as well, leaving it up in the air if Cobb is still dreaming or not.
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