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Hot Amazon

  • Basic Trope: An Action Girl who is found attractive because of said Action Girl credential
  • Played Straight: Maria is the world's greatest martial artist and has many eligible male suitors because of it.
  • Exaggerated: Maria woos even the girls with her martial arts prowess.
  • Justified: During her feats of ass-kickery, Alice displays incredible strength, flexibility, and stamina -- often while not wearing much.
  • Inverted: No Guy Wants an Amazon
  • Averted: Maria's martial arts skills have no effect on her attractiveness.
  • Subverted: Maria appears to woo everyone with her fighting skills. They just like her for...other things.
  • Doubly Subverted: ...that's not to say they don't find her fighting skills attractive, though.
  • Untwist: Maria appears to be a Brawn Hilda, but She Cleans Up Nicely.
  • Parodied: Every time Maria so much as threatens someone everyone nearby starts literally drooling.
    • Maria's lover keeps a punchbag in their bedroom for foreplay purposes.
  • Deconstructed: Eventually Maria has to retire. She dies alone and unloved now that she no longer has her one attractive quality.
    • Maria starts fighting more and more for the attention. Eventually her luck runs out.
    • All that fighting takes its toll and eventually even amazonness isn't enough to compensate for a face that has been smashed in a thousand times.
  • Reconstructed: Maria is Happily Married to a Non-Action Guy who would otherwise think that No Guy Wants an Amazon.
    • She was a Red Sonja and only looking for attention from one person; the one who stopped her streak.
    • She attracts students who adore the 'battle scared look' in a mentor.
  • Zig-Zagged: One day, they boys want Maria for her fighting skills. The next, they want her for her Boobs of Steel. Then, she becomes a Lady of War, and they want her for her fighting skills. The next day, they want her for her Murderous Thighs.
  • Enforced: The writer wants to put an Action Girl in his show, and the Target Audience is teenage boys.
  • Lampshaded: "You do realize Maria could grind you into the floor if she wanted to, right?" "And I'd enjoy every minute of it."
  • Invoked: Maria takes up weightlifting and martial arts to attract men.
  • Defied: Maria is a Straw Feminist who believes that Beauty Is Bad, so she becomes a Brawn Hilda.
  • Played For Laughs: Tony, Joey, and Jorge, Troperville High's default School Idols, go crazy over Maria, the school's best tennis player, so they start a hilariously violent "civil war" to decide who keeps her, much to Maria's chagrin because she's not interested in men, at all!
  • Played For Drama: Maria was a Shrinking Violet Loner who just wanted to be special and at the same time was afraid to. Then she got Touched by Vorlons and her body grew to rather ridiculous extremes. Oh, and Power Dyes Your Hair, too. Guess which color? This all sounds familiar...

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