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The tendency for modern RPGs to have more than one World Map: sometimes this is a Dark World or an Alternate Universe, but sometimes it's another planet, or a different time period, or simply an After the End scenario. A very common way to make Disc One Final Dungeon less obvious (because you can have the entire world visited before you get to it).

Note: This isn't the case when they make minor changes to the map (like in Final Fantasy VII when Diamond Weapon scars the world map) or in cases where there isn't really a world map or the worlds are just 'extensions' of the same multi-world map. This is for if there's a world map and then, surprise, you've got another one.

A supertrope of Dark World.

Examples of Alternate World Map include:

Action Adventure

Role Playing Game

Real Life

  • Bored with Google Maps? Try Google Moon or Google Mars. In a major Subversion of this trope, you can't actually go there (as of 2011).
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