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"A G is a type of C which a F uses to I. Used mostly when a writer is C or S, although if a character is S it can be used to give them a F. See also T and G."
Something Awful forums, on The Other Tropes Wiki's effects on language[1][2]

Or enrich it, depending on your point of view.

It seems to be not at all unusual for a Troper to begin speaking tropinese in real-life situations that do not involve discussion of entertainment. This is apparently another way that Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

The most evident symptom of this is the word "trope" itself, which is not commonly used outside of this site -- it's only the 67,470th most frequent English word. That's behind "privies" but ahead of "milliners", just for reference.

At this rate we're going to end up fitting in on the Tamarian homeworld.[3]

You may even realize [4] that you have already started doing this without realizing.

This, when combined to a tendency to apply Square Peg, Round Trope is why some artists aware of us aren't exactly fond of the site. On the other hand, many artists are Tropers themselves, so YMMV.

Compare Newspeak.


  1. Please note that none of these are actually tropes. They could be, though, one day... they definitely could be...
  2. Maybe they're from an Alternate Universe version of All The Tropes?
  3. Darmok and Jalad, at Tanagra.
  4. on the way to the fridge
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