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This page is intended to allow our various tropers to single out lines, edits, and entries made by other tropers that they feel are excellent examples of how to do the job. Be sure to mention what page you found the quotes on.

If what you wish to give a win to is easily quotable, go ahead and copy/paste it here for posterity. This is a wiki, and even the most hilarious pages can change at any time: for instance, while Natter can be hilarious and win-worthy, an editor may be entirely justified in deleting it from the page. However, editors who use the compliments on this page to specifically seek out things to delete, do so at the explicit risk of looking like a kill-joy. And if the admins catch you at it—especially for MOW items which aren't natter—you're going to have some explaining to do.

If you wish to give a win for something that has been on a page for a long time, it might be worth to do a quick check-through to see if it has already been nominated. Of course, no one minds getting a redundant win nomination.

Finally, if you're a refugee joining us from TV Tropes, your MOW score there and your MOW score here are two different numbers.

Compare/contrast Made of Lose.

ATT Made of Win Archives

There are no ATT MOW archives yet. When we have some, they'll be listed here.

Made of Win

Add new entries at the top, separated by a line.

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A Tally for the Egocentric











Thanks for the effort.

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