It takes a village to raise a wiki. We're All The Tropes' own Village People.

All The Tropes Moderation Staff

We handle all of the typical day-to-day business of the wiki such as dealing with abuse, banninations, and DMCA requests. The easiest way to contact us fast is in the #allthetropes channel on

Brent "User:Vorticity" Laabs

Wiki Community Administrator
Email: (this works already)
IRC Nick: labster


Software and Features Administrator
Alternate Email:
IRC Nick:GethN7

Bob "User:Looney Toons" Schroeck

General-Purpose Administrator
IRC Nick: What is this IRC you speak of?

(More people wanted here -- let us know if you're interested in helping out)

Orain Staff

The Orain servers are run by the House of Stewards. Contact them about downtime, server bugs, and the like. They're easiest to contact on the #orain IRC channel on freenode.

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