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All over the house is a humorous webcomic created in 2009 by Creator Couple Zoe Robinson (art and writing) and Jennifer Kirk (writing). The humor in the comic comes mainly from the interactions of its central duo, who apparently live together despite their massive differences in lifestyles, world views and relative levels of sanity.

The cast are:

  • Emily Moll Dee Westwood: A former journalist who managed to get elected to Parliament on the basis that she was running against a complete moron. Despite being something of a Mad Scientist, she is the comic's Straight Man and spends much of her time despairing at the state of humanity.
  • Tesrin Eloise Rhododendron Stepford-Brown: A (surprisingly) successful barrister who practices demonology on the side. An Upperclass Twit crossed with a Cloudcuckoolander.
  • James Rohan Jameson: A systems administrator who lost his job in the recession and now works as a blogger and tech consultant. Tends to be the butt of any technology jokes going and relies far too much on advice from the Internet for his own good.
  • Gary Seville: Long-suffering artist who desperately wants his computer to just work. Mainly gets used for art jokes and as a foil for James' technology jokes.
  • Sally Jameson: Younger cousin of James. Has a pet bear because James asked 4chan what a good present for a fourteen year old girl was.
  • Daniel Snottleby: The former MP for the area where Emily lives. Lost his seat to her at the 2010 General Election and now sees himself as Emily's nemesis. Has a thing for parsnips.
  • Harry Miller: Snottleby's long-suffering political adviser. Tends to play the Straight Man to Snottleby's repeated Idiot Ball-holding antics.
  • The Gorms: Cute and loveable monsters who live in a multi-storey "shed" in Emily and Tesrin's garden. Good with repairs.
  • "Uncle Bob": The Nameless and also The Unseen.
  • Adam Prometheus Frankenstein: A monster trying to live a normal life in suburban England.
Tropes used in All Over the House include:

 Tesrin: "Case files; train tickets; Ward's Treatise on escaping the bowels of hell dimensions (Second Edition)...".

 Derrick: "Increase your penis size? Attract men with bigger breasts? And here's me thinking you were gay."

Tesrin: "Hey, we've all got to pay our way through law school somehow."

 Emily: Ummm... how do you know this guy?

Penny: He did my stag party. ... It's a long story.

  • Weird Science - Emily is a crazed inventor at times, and her devices almost always fit this bill.
  • Write Who You Know: Emily is a writer and broadcaster, as is Kirk. Tesrin is a magic-using barrister, while Robinson is a law student and lapsed pagan.
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