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  • And the Fandom Rejoiced: Lance Henriksen as Charles Bishop Weyland in the first movie.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Anderson said that the queen impaled Scar through the guts and not the chest.
  • Base Breaker: The two groups split more or less on these issues:
    • Those who like the movie like it for it's action scenes, increased gore, badass Predator and horror elements.
    • Those who hate the movie hate it for the needless gore, the poor lighting, the Aliens non-sensical behaviour and violation of pretty much everything we've ever learned about them, them getting slaughtered by a single Predator and the glee the movie seems to take in averting Infant Immortality.
  • Broken Base: Quite a few fans of the video games dislike the fact that the movies are set on present Earth instead of the Aliens time frame of the games and most comics.
    • There are plenty of people that enjoyed the first one though (and some for the second).
    • Most of the fans of the older PC games are already declaring the series Ruined FOREVER by the new one.
  • Missed Moment of Awesome: In Requiem we cut to the hospital while the Predator prepares to battle several aliens in a store. The entire fight is offscreen and we don't even see the aftermath.
  • No Problem With Licensed Games: Most of the games that are based on the films are pretty good (and in many cases better than the actual movies), though they still pale in comparison to any of the FPS.
  • The Scrappy: Lex and Kelly. Both are considered poor Machiko/Ripley expies, respectively.
  • Sequelitis: Requiem is widely considered to be worse than the first film, despite being R-rated.
  • Special Effects Failure: Actually, more of a Lighting Failure. The suits for AVP: Requiem are fantastic... unfortunately, the film is so darkly lit that you can't see them.
  • So Bad It's Good: The films, for those who don't simply hate them.
  • Squick: What the Predalien does to it's victims in the second movie - especially that pregnant woman. This seems to be the intended reaction.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The CGI blood in the first film's unrated director's cut is very well done.
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