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  • The Mysterious East isn't too bad... until you enter the paper wasp tombs that are slowly filling with the black ooze of ruin, and the walls whisper to you.
    • And ivory statue of a nude female form, partially draped in a kimono is a common theme in art and not at all creepy. When such a statue has a mantis head, like the ones in Chapter 3, however...
  • Did you know that the innocent, implicative, something's-definitely-off kinda horror; creepy, desolate, eerie horror; suspensive, non-climatic horror; mind-screwingly reminiscent, sorta-familiar horror and oppressive, bloodcurdling, soul distorting horror are supposed to be, at least to the extent that they don't ALL are in play at the same time, mutually exclusive, and that for a good reason? ...Yeah, American McGee didn't know that, so he created the DollHouse world. Wasn't that sweet of him?
    • To put it into perspective; when end up there there and start exploring, you can go from longing to the point where things would get worse and the world would transform into an Eldritch Location so you can just get away from all the deformed, broken, creepy dolls; to longing back to the deformed, broken, creepy dolls when things GOT WORSE without even easing up on the creepyness...
    • At this point, a more in-depth description of the Dollhouse level might be in place: it looks like a giant city of dollhouses, only that the houses are ripped apart and disembodied doll parts are everywhere, as well as Dollgirls waiting to kill you with scissors and fire. Gets Worse as the game progresses, everything gets darker and darker and it feels like you're traveling through some sort of abandoned orphanage/basement/asylum, with even more disembodied doll parts, taxidermied things, skeletons in glass displays, dolls with parts cut and ripped out, hell, even the levers are with a bloodied eye or a doll head with it's brain exposed floating in liquid, watching you as you pull the lever.
  • In the real world: Dr. Bumby, and his... profession.
  • The Dollmaker. It doesn't help that he's Dr. Bumby's avatar.
  • The line "Lizzie wasn't 'talking in her sleep'" was a was pretty damn creepy, largely because of what it implies.

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