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Alexei Leonidovich Fomkin (1969 to 1996) was a Soviet and Russian actor. He involved himself in the school theater and then in the theater studio Zi L House of Culture. His first role was in Scarecrow, and he was later cast in the popular show Yeralash. There, he was noticed by director Pavel Arsenov, who cast him in Guest From the Future, which made him really famous. He later acted in the films Reason and On Home Ground.

As his acting had made him miss a lot of school, Alexei Fomkin was unable to graduate properly. He therefore turned to drugs and hoped that he would get new offers for roles. But none came. So he decided to join the army and serve in Siberia. While stationed in the distant city of Angarsk, he acted in army theater. Once he left the army, he received new offers from film directors, but chose to work in the Moscow Art Theater. After three months, he was fired for chronic absence. He tried to take up painting, but that did not work either, and he began to get into drugs again.

This time he quit acting and moved to the village Bezvodnoye, where he used to spend his childhood summers. Alexei Fomkin decided to stay in Bezvodnoye, and he became a miller. Sometimes he would go to the nearby city of Vladimir, where he met a girl named Lena. They fell in love, and got married. They settled in Vladimir, by which time life had improved. Alexei Fomkin decided to write esoteric, mystical poetry, which was well regarded. But tragedy came. In February 1996, his apartment caught fire after he, Lena, and his friends had thrown a party. Everyone was able to escape except Alexei, who was asleep, and therefore was not able to evacuate. He perished, suffocating in the smoke. He was buried in Vladimir.



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