• Complete Monster: His role as Hans Gruber and Judge Turpin. To a lesser extend, Eli Michaelson from Nobel Son.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Well, his career for a start. When he finally made it big in Hollywood, he was 42 years old, the age at which most actors find roles becoming scarcer. From then on, he's made at least one big movie a year, and with the Harry Potter movies his visibility skyrocketed, meaning his career isn't going to slow down anytime soon. Ad astra per aspera, indeed.
    • His 45-year, exclusive relationship with Rima Horton is this, as well as wonderfully sweet. Especially when you see pictures of them together. Aww.
  • Evil Is Cool: His quote about playing interesting people, combined with his resume being filled with multiple villain roles proves this to a 'T'.
  • Memetic Sex God: "Alan Rickman is hot!" is an actual meme in some places.
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