This is an American writer known for his spy fiction set in Europe before and during World War II . It is combination of stale beer and martini style. The plots are sinister and fraught with cynicism while at the same time being overlayed by grand descriptions of European culture that are almost poetic at times. The usual theme is of a flawed character caught up in the epic struggle and doing his part.

Works include:

1. Night Soldiers (1988)

2. Dark Star (1991)

3. The Polish Officer (1995)

4. The World at Night (1996)

5. Red Gold (1999)

6. Kingdom of Shadows (2000)

7. Blood of Victory (2003)

8. Dark Voyage (2004)

9. The Foreign Correspondent (2006)

10. The Spies of Warsaw (2008)

11. Spies of the Balkans (2010)

Tropes in Alan Furst novels:

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