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File:Akuma na Eros Volume 1 9538.jpg

The highschool student Miu Sakurai has the toughest luck. She's much Older Than They Look and has the biggest crush on Shion Amamiya, the resident hottie, so she believes that her underdeveloped physique keeps her from being noticed by him. She decides to try getting him by other methods... like Black Magic. Sure, maybe reading the old spellbook she found in a book-store will work, she has nothing to lose anyway.

The thing is, the spell was actually a Deal with the Devil, and Miu ends up summoning Satan himself. Much to her surprise, Satan turns out to be... much less ugly than you'd think, since he has the looks of a Tall, Dark and Handsome guy alongside a mean and perverted streak. Miu tells him her woes and he agrees to help her get Amamiya's heart... but demands the girl's virginity as the price. Miu gets scared and tries to resist, and there's how she is a Japanese Christian causes weird effects around them. Satan is intrigued and amused by this Strange Girl, so he starts stalking Miu under the guise of being her older brother Kai and brainwashing everyone into recognizing him as such, but there are a few surprises around in store for both Satan and Miu...

A manga by Mayu Shinjo, Akuma na Eros is just as Hotter and Sexier as her average stories, has plenty of bishonen and Bastard Boyfriends, and some supernatural touches. A little bit of everything, you could say.

Some tropes you'll find here...

 Miu' (while praying in the chapel): Even if I don't like it, I'll have milk and fish, at least to not get mistaken by a primary school kid... And please, if you can, change this child-like face.

  • Shoujo
  • Together in Death: Sorta. Miu is killed by Sarah, but that is what allows her to fully become Satan's bride, and so she becomes his wife and rules Hell with him.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: Amamiya turns out to actually be The Archangel Michael, as well as Satan's rival for Miu's affection.
  • Yoko Oh No: Amamiya's fangirls are NOT amused when they learn about Miu's interest in him.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Miu's school uniform
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