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THE seiyuu when it comes to Bishonen characters. The girlier, the better.

Unlike Hikaru Midorikawa who seems to be more at home with serious, stoic characters, Akira Ishida seems to be more on the laid back side... and sometimes on the more sinister side. This makes him quite the fan favorite even today. It does help that his first well known voice was Kaworu Nagisa, which gives him quite a good start, but it wasn't until later that his roles as Athrun Zala and Gaara shot him to great fame.

Has a lot of "relationships" with fellow Gundam Seed seiyuu Soichiro Hoshi. And with Romi Paku. And some very rabid fangirls and fanboys.

Also for the record, he's one of the very few male seiyuus to voice a woman.

Akira Ishida has performed in the following roles:


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