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Aishisteruze Baby is a shojo manga series by Youko Maki, which ran in the Ribon magazine from 2002 to 2005 and had 7 volumes. It also had an anime adaptation in 2004.

At age 17 Kippei Katakura is a lazy, flirty, super popular high-school student who plays a lot with the feelings of the local girls. He returns home one day to find that his sister Reiko has charged him with the upbringing of his five year old cousin, Yuzuyu Sakashita: she's there because Yuzuyu's widowed mother, Miyako, couldn't stand the stress of raising her as a single parent and (at least temporarily) can't handle being around Yuzuyu.

Kippei takes up the task with great gusto, and the series deals with his development as he cares for Yuzuyu with the help of one of his classmates, a quiet and lonely rich girl named Kokoro Tokunaga. So the series alternates between Yuzuyu at pre-school, Kippei at high school, and their life together at home, and is chock full of heartwarming moments.

This series makes use of the following tropes:

  • Abusive Parents - one plotline deals with this happening to one of Yuzuyu's friends at school. It's Shouta, whose mother beats him.
    • Miyako seriously feared that she'd fall into this, due to the stress of her widowhood. When she once struck Yuzuyu, she panicked and decided to ask her older sister/Kippei and Reiko's mother for help.
  • Baka - Reiko calls her little brother this quite a bit
  • Broken Bird - Yuzuyu's cousin (from her late dad's side), Miki Sakashita, has serious problems.
  • Blue with Shock
  • Character Development: The bread and butter of the series.
  • Cool Big Sis - Reiko, though mostly to Yuzuyu
  • Chick Magnet - Kippei, especially with Yuzuyu in tow. It seems like half the female cast members have crushes on him.
  • Children Raise You - the main premise of the series is to show how much Kippei changes after Yuzuyu comes into his life.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen - Kokoro
  • Father, I Want to Marry My Brother
  • Fish Out of Water - Kippei, who is initially unfamiliar with child-rearing
  • Gratuitous English - in the OP
  • Happily Married - Kippei's parents
  • Japanese Sibling Terminology
  • Lonely Rich Kid - Kokoro lives alone in a luxurious apartment, since her father mistakenly thought that she'd prefer this after his re-marriage.
  • Love Bubbles - used straight a lot, as this is a Shojo series
  • Love Triangle - they don't last very long, however
  • Missing Mom - A major plot point, and the basis of the story.
  • Official Couple - There's little doubt that Kippei and Kokoro will end up together by the first third of the show. Or by the first third of the Title Sequence.
  • Parental Abandonment - Yuzuyu's mother, who as said above was so wrecked by her widowhood and loneliness that she couldn't hack it.
  • Parent with New Paramour - Kokoro's mother died when she was a kid, and her father remarried near immediately afterwards. This drives a huge rift between them.
  • Pick on Someone Your Own Size - A certain "stalker" picks on Yuzuyu out of jealosy
  • Promotion to Parent - In the manga, Kippei and Kokoro's classmater Aya takes care of her little sister Akari since both of their parents work.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man - Kokoro doesn't give in to Kippei's advances until she realizes how good he is with Yuzuyu
  • Slice of Life
  • Spoiled Brat - Yuzuyu's best friend Marika, at least until she gets some Character Development
  • Squee - In-Universe the girls in Kippei's school when Yuzuyu brings him his lunch
  • Stalker with a Crush - Kippei has one, and she's REALLY jealous of Yuzuyu
    • Kokoro has one in Itagaki, who kisses her by force.
  • Teen Pregnancy - Almost at the end, Kokoro believes that she's pregnant with Kippei's baby. She isn't, but she does admit to Kippei that she would've liked it since it'd mean the two would stay together.
  • The Stoic - Satsuki, Kippei's younger brother
  • Those Two Guys - Kokoro's two friends, Mai and Aki
  • Third Person Person - Yuzuyu talks like this, as she's only five
  • Transfer Student Uniforms - there's an episode devoted to Yuzuyu having to switch to the new school's uniform
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