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Aina is a progressive metal supergroup. Some notable members of Aina are Candace Night, Tobias Sammet, Marco Hietala, Emppu Vuorinen, Simone Simmons, Thomas Youngblood.

They have released one album: Days of Rising Doom.

The album tells the story of the fictional land of Aina. The story begins with a warning delivered to king Taetius by the Prophets, who warn him of danger on the horizon. The king ignores them. After his death his elder son Torek takes the throne and is a just ruler, until he learns that the woman he loves, Oria Allyahan, promised to marry his younger brother Talon.

Torek flees the land and Talon becomes the new king. Meanwhile, Torek befriends a gruesome race known as the Krakhon, to whom he becomes a mix of king and deity. He also names himself Sorvahr after the Krakhon's deity. Sorvahr leads an army of Krakhon to a war against the whole world and eventually sieges Aina. When Talon wants to surrender to spare his subjects as much as he can, Sorvahr mocks him for his weakness. Oria begs Sorvahr to take her if he wants, but to spare Talon. Srvahr/Torek is of course happy to oblige.

Talon sends his and Oria's daughter Oriana away to a place where she can be safe. Meanwhile, Sorvahr rapes Oria, who eventually gives birth to Syrius.

Oriana and Syrius meet one another and fall in love, not knowing about the other being a sibling and an enemy. As the couple reaches adulthood, Talon returns to the kingdom with a new army to retake the throne of Aina. Talon takes Oriana with him to help lead the army. On the other side, Sorvahr takes Syrius with him to lead the opposing army. As Oriana and Syrius meet in battle, they try to make peace on the battlefield. Sorvahr isn't pleased and kills his son, after which Oriana goes to a Roaring Rampage of Revenge and kills him. Afterwards she takes the throne of the newly reinstated Kingdom of Aina.

Aina provides examples of the following tropes:
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