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AIKI is a Seinen action manga, written and drawn by Isutoshi, an artist mostly known for doing H-manga (such as Slut Girl). However, as the series has progressed, the manga has tilted more towards martial arts and comedy and less towards the ecchi side (though a good amount of Fan Service still remains).

The story features Kunitoshi Joukyuu, a young martial artist who is so strong that his father/teacher actually dislocated (and then relocated) all of his joints within one night just so he would only be able to access half of his power, in an attempt to teach him either humility or creativity. Even so, he constantly wipes the floor with the competition, to the point where a couple of muscular female teachers beg him to train their "mistress": a small, raven-haired girl named Kizuki . While Kizuki knows a decent amount of Aikido on her own, she's the granddaughter of the chairman of the school board and a high-value target because of the school's politics.

Of course, it doesn't help that most of Juzenji High School is out to defeat Kizuki, or that Kunitoshi's scantily-clad, female cousin Miu Takatori(who's the principal's daughter and Kizuki's main opponent for control of the school) is trying to recruit him by any means necessary. Not to mention that Kunitoshi himself is a Jerkass pervert who constantly arranges for his students to be thrown into dangerous situations and may be the worst role model ever. Despite all this, Kunitoshi grudgingly trains a growing group of women into skilled martial artists while battling a Sorting Algorithm of Evil as he looks for a way to regain his previous strength.

In short, think of AIKI as a much more lewd and evil version of Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple.

This series features examples of:


 Kunitoshi: Power should just be the icing on the cake. If you utilize your opponent's power, even a little kid should be able to send a two-meter-tall wrestler flying. It's not easy, but it can be done... It's not power, nor is it speed.


 "Frieennds? So you're that kind of guy? Always singing the same old song. 'You're not alone.' 'If you have troubles we will be there for you.' 'Together we are strong.' Those kinds of songs, there are so many of them! (...) However... don't you think they say that just to cover their own incompetence? Isn't that just a means to cheer oneself for being poor and hopeless? 'Friends' is what you call someone who likes to be someone else's minion, isn't it? I don't need such things like 'friends'! Well, I don't have any friends to begin with!"[1]

  • Guns Are Useless: At least anything lethal.
    • Averted in Chapter 64
  • The Gunslinger: Metara
  • Handicapped Badass: Kunitoshi can only usually tap into half of his full strength ever since his father dislocated and relocated half of the bones in his body in a vain effort to humble him.
  • Heel Face Turn: Miu, Akemi
  • Heir to the Dojo: Kizuki
  • Hollywood Healing: Whether they've taken a whip to the face, a large punch to the stomach, had a hand penetrated by a sharp object or breathed in poisonous gas, bandages heal everything.

  "Geez, has my place become a field hospital?"


 Kunitoshi: I know that the Chinese martial arts have 4000 years of history, but doesn't "Cat Fist" just sound too weird?

  • That Came Out Wrong: Seiji Sawatari (the Chinese Kempo fighter who humiliates Houmei) has a tendency for his expressions of bloodlust to come out the wrong way. For instance, when trying to challenge Kunitoshi:

 Seiji: I'm here to screw with Joukyuu-san.

Kunitoshi: (Grimaces)

Seiji: Hold it right there, I'm not a homo...

Kunitoshi: Go kill yourself.

  • The Starscream: Habu became disgruntled with Daiki and in chapter 40 of the manga revealed her intention to take control from him. She didn't get the chance to act on it.
  • The Strategist: Tenhou
  • Throwing Off the Disability: Kunitoshi spends a good amount of time being injured in later arcs to avoid being a total Boring Invincible Hero, but readily curbstomps his opponent as soon as he recovers.
  • Trickster Mentor
  • Troll: Some of Kunitoshi's more outrageous stunts are purely done to piss people off.
  • Tyke Bomb: Habu, the poison-user.
    • Andrew, the Super Soldier who was engineered to be a superstrong Lightning Bruiser that feels no pain who is doomed to die young thanks to the side effects of the experiments performed on him. Even Kunitoshi feels a little sorry for him.
  • Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist: Kunitoshi, very much. The audience is not expected to empathize with him in the least.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Everyone else in the series calls Kunitoshi out on his, well, everything, all the time. He never listens. When Bull-kun tries it in chapter 77, Kunitoshi turns it back on him by making him realize that he isn't any different.
  • When You Snatch the Pebble: Kunitoshi challenges Kizuki to catch a small fish -- with one hand, slowly -- to prove that she's worth his time.


  1. Full disclosure -- he's saying this to the new Big Bad's new Quirky Miniboss Squad to get their goat while deliberately giving his students a preview of what they'll be up against.
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