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A Sister Trope to Western Terrorists, African Terrorists are terrorists from sub-Sahara Africa who primarily operate out of their home continent, carrying out guerilla operations against domestic and foreign governments and frequently being involved in the drug trade. They will often be Mooks to a wealthier, lighter-skinned criminal organization, typically Western or Slavic

Examples of African Terrorists include:

Anime & Manga


  • Blood Diamond
  • The Gods Must Be Crazy features Sam Boga and his men, who shoot up the Cabinet of a Bulungi and spend the rest of the film fleeing from the army.
  • Black Hawk Down
  • Steven Obanno, an LRA leader, shows up near the beginning of Casino Royale in a meeting with Mr. White, in order to negotiate a deal with the criminal international banker Le Chiffre to hold the funds of his organization for safekeeping. Word of God is that Obanno was based on the Real Life leader of the LRA, Joseph Kony.
    • An interesting example are the black Caribbean Mooks of Quantum, who show up near the beginning in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where Dominic Greene meets with General Medrano.

Live Action TV

Video Games

  • Far Cry 2 involves two such terrorist organizations.
    • They're really more PMC's than terrorists, considering they're only doing it for money.
    • In Far Cry 1, they are PMC's. In Far Cry 2, it's the 2 regional factions who have brought in mercenary help.

Real Life

  • The Lord's Resistance Army, who seek to establish a Christian fundamentalist state in Uganda. Or something like that. No one knows what exactly they want; some say they're christian, others say they are followers of Acholi Nationalism, the LRA even claimed to be muslim on one occasion. The LRA is infamous for their cruel tactics: They abduct children to use them as soldiers or sex slaves, mutilate their victims, and massacre whole villages. Their leader, Joseph Kony, is also widely regarded as a Complete Monster, or at least completely insane.
  • The Somalian pirates that have been kidnapping people from ships for several months decades now (February of 2009).
  • The Al Qaeda groups stationed in Africa recruit and train members there.
    • Its Somalia-affiliated branch, Al-Shabab, is a straight example.
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