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  • In Downfall, most of the villains are motivated by truly noble intents. Of course, any fic that has Unohana, Ukitake, and Kyoraku working to overthrow the's a given. Bonus points for making Aizen, Gin, and Tousen the good guys. Realistically. By the time the reader's done, they want Seireitei burnt to the ground...
  • In the musical Harry Potter parody, A Very Potter Musical:
    • Quirrell and Voldemort sing, dance, pick up girls, and watch She's All That in between plotting to murder Harry. Oh, and one of Voldemort's Horcruxes is a Zac Efron poster.
    • The Dementor shown returning Quirrel's civilian clothes was also quite nice.
    • The sequel has Lucius Malfoy and Delores Umbridge. The former avoids walking at nearly every opportunity, preferring instead to show off with increasingly complicated ballet moves; Umbridge comes off as an odd mixture of Southern Baptist preacher, Yandere, and drill sergeant. And she's played by hella gorgeous Joe Walker [1].
  • In the Twilight fan fiction The (Not So) Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and its companion piece, Ashes through an Hourglass, Alec from the Volturi comes across as charming, insightful, and even sympathetic, without betraying his more villainous tendencies like manipulating Bree, showing a general indifference to human life, and casually ploting and rationalizing murder.
    • The larger portion of reader reviews consider Alec not just amusing and appealing but actually persuasive in his outlook on being a vampire, which is almost always in stark contrast to the noble ideals and humane lifestyle of the Cullen family.
  • Zirah from the Good Omens fanfiction The Sacred and the Profane is kind, always smiling, and would kill a baby just because it was crying. Even if said baby is The Antichrist.
  • Luminosity's lower-ranking Volturi are pretty much all like this. The worst is Jane, who is best defined as amoral--if she hits you with her power, then she looks at you funny if you scream.
  • Several of the villains of Dragon Ball Abridged, including Nappa, Zarbon, and (especially) Ginyu.
  • Chaos from the Tamers Forever Series isn't actually evil but still, for a ten billion year old avatar of destruction and disorder, it's remarkable just how normal he seems.
  • Friendship Is Witchcraft has, naturally, canon Friend to All Living Things Fluttershy, who still keeps most of what makes her adorable in the actual series, even trying to talk Rarity out of donating her sister's college fund to the local Religion of Evil, finally giving in at Rarity's insistence. And accepting the money; who do you think is cult leader?
  • Yukari Is Free has Nai'tyrrus/Ghostmaster, political ambassador of the Veluszhi Imperial Military, and definitely the most polite of its three leaders, unlike his compatriots Warmaster and Nerdmaster. This is best exemplified during his attack on Hawaii, where he politely takes tea with and speaks courteously to Sasuke and Rei, even while his ghost familiars are destroying the city, and he even fully admits that he's only keeping Sasuke and Rei around until they bore him.
  • Sebastian Moran is portrayed this way in this Sherlock fanfic. When he isn't acting as Moriarty's hired gun, Moran's a friendly guy who's nice to little old ladies and likes dogs.
  • Shingetsu of Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations Vol. 3: Fates Intertwined is technically not nice to begin with while looking down on those he deems as weaklings. But, he's a One-Man Galactic Conqueror embodying a sense of honor, and accepts defeat with dignity after his first fight with The Hero. Word of God states there are some instances he shifts into Faux Affably Evil back and forth in such he has no qualms in causing a lot of mayhem and suffering against those who get in his way. Regardless, if anything, Shingetsu always maintains that geniune polite demeanor and code of honor despite being a notorious intergalactic warlord.
  • William Afton from Mobox87:A Child Killer,despite this,He is very calm and polite towards other despite his killing spree,He has no interested in killing babies.


  1. who played Voldemort in AVPM.
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