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File:Puffincat 9962.jpg

 Once there was the sailors, of the Soviet,

and one day they decided that they wants another pet!

Daddy was the puffins, Mommy was the cat,

and when they puts together makes the Puffincat!

Adventures of the Puffincat is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Puffincat is the main character, who is half-puffin and half-cat. He lives on a ship with Soviet sailors, and has adventures.

The series mostly makes use of Russian stereotypes and family unfriendly aesops for humor, and has a decent following on the internet. There are currently six episodes available for watching, and it's unknown whether or not there will be more.

Adventures of the Puffincat provides examples of:

  • Blind Idiot Translation - The narrator is supposed to speak English as if it was translated from Russian in a very, very poor manner. While it's not always noticeable, there are some lines that are hilarious due to this, such as "Puffincat has clever smart mind concept!" and "Let us look in the labrrorratriry. No! Not still here AGAIN even!"
  • Clip Show - Part of the fourth episode.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop - Puffincat usually gets beaten up at the end of the episode for not adhering perfectly to Soviet ideals.

 "Same for all! SAMESAMESAMESAME -end."

 "You see, male Puffincats have a hairy nut-sack, and the female Puffincat, the difference is she have a bow in her hair."

  • Vodka Drunkenski - Episode 3 deals with Puffincat trying to get drunk with the sailors.
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