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"There's no place we won't go! ... except Offbrandia, nothing but pirates there."

Whether it's a trip to the Serengeti, jaunt through time or pulp/steampunk adventures, these are the outfits you want to wear! Worn by the Adventurer Archaeologist, Lady of Adventure, Great White Hunter, Egomaniac Hunter and Gentleman Adventurer, as well as the Ace Pilot.

There's three stock ensembles that make up this trope, though it's sometimes mix-and-matched with other Stock Costume Traits:

Safari Outfit: Beige or tan linens, big brown belt, boots, probably a rifle and binoculars. Also, a safari hat, called a Pith Helmet; (monocle optional but recommended). Usually the wearer is book smart but ignorant of what they should actually wear for the expedition. Usually accessorized with a rifle or musket. Counterintuitively most of them needed more coverage in Real Life to avoid sunburns and harmful insects.

Airman: Start with a Bomber Jacket (the kind with a large wool collar and lapels), then add a Scarf of Asskicking, leather gloves and light boots. Usually has goggles (which may or may not be useful) or a helmet and pistol. When the Airman travels In Space they'll probably swap out for a Latex Space Suit. If armed, it'll be with a pistol.

Archaeologist: Think Indiana Jones. Nice Hat, typically a wide brim fedora, Perma-Stubble, leather jacket, long sleeved collared shirt, plain pants and sturdy boots, pistol holster/harness, and Ancient Artifact holding satchel. If the character is a trope for trope Expy of Indy, they'll also have a whip. More recently, a vest may substitute the jacket, and the pistol harness might become two for Dual-Wielding guns.

A Mad Max, post-apocalyptic Wanderer look can be related. A few settings take the Airman outfit, remove the scarf, adds chains, lots of belts (though a few shy of Too Many Belts), much more grime and a rifle. A trusty dog is optional, but recommended, but a motorcycle works as well. To add a Steampunk flavor to either of the above, add clocks, light metal armoring, a tool belt, and Ray Gun as needed.

Examples of Adventurer Outfit include:

Anime and Manga

Comic Books

  • The Time-Traveling parents from Runaways are a good generic explorer example, with all the leather and goggles and such.


  • Indiana Jones is easily one of the best examples of this trope, if not, the trope codifier. Not to mention his many expies.
    • Indiana Jones himself is an Expy of many adventure movie heroes from the early 20th century, though his franchise has swallowed up the genre so effectively that few remember anything about them. .
  • The titular Sky Captain in Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow.
  • Dark Helmet from Spaceballs has a brief costume switch into a safari outfit during the part of the movie that took place on the Tattooine-spoof planet. Complete with huge pith helmet with peep-holes.
  • Charles Muntz from Up, aviator outfit.
  • Rick O'Connell in The Mummy Trilogy.


  • Commander Bradshaw wears a safari outfit in the Thursday Next series. His books were adventure stories that fell out of favour and went out of print after the 1920s, but he had to stay in character in the BookWorld.
  • The Comedic Hero of Scoop, the 1938 satire by Evelyn Waugh, is a country wildlife writer who's accidentally sent overseas as a war correspondent. He's sent to the requisite adventure outfitters who, realising his naivete, sell him a vast mountain of clothing and equipment which he lugs to Africa with him.

Live Action TV

  • Doctor Who has River Song.
    • Also Captain Cook in "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy."
  • Travelling Matt from Fraggle Rock, safari outfit.
  • Professor Elemental's usual attire.
  • Q dresses like this in an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation when he steals Picard's adventurer archaeologist love interest.
    • Let's not forget the outfit of CAPTAIN PROTON!, which is an Airman outfit plus jetpack in the style of black-and-white sci-fi adventure serials like Commando Cody.
  • Warehouse 13- When investigating Warehouse Two, H.G. Wells dresses like a Lara Croft Expy.


  • Several LEGO examples, as shown in the article picture.
  • The G.I. Joe Adventure Team in the 1970s had a few desert-themed sets featuring explorer outfits in differing amounts.

Video Games

Western Animation

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