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Advance Wars: Eternal War is an Advance Wars Play By Post game where 4 nations, Cobalt Ice, Brown Desert, Jade Sun and Pink Cosmos are ...usually at war.

When they are not at war, the four countries fight various other organisations, from an evil foreigner to Killer Robots.

Has a character sheet here.

This game can be found here.

Tropes applied to the series:

  • A Commander Is You: Both the four countries, and the COs themselves.
    • Cobalt Ice: Unit Specialist Faction, with a bit of Technical Faction. Specialises in Machinery.
    • Pink Cosmos: Brute Force Faction, with a bit of Jack of All Stats. No fancy gimmicks, high damage.
    • Jade Sun: Unit Specialist Faction, for air and sea units (and ninja).
    • Brown Desert: Unit Specialist Faction, with a bit of the Spammer. Specialises in sandstorms , and infantry.
  • Alien Invasion: What may happen if there is no fighting.
  • Blood Knight: A nice list.
    • Emphasis on knight for:
      • Keitaro, who lives for the battle, though he doesn't give a thing about the victims as long as he's satisfied.
      • Robyn, when at war.
    • Emphasis on blood for:
      • The Pink Cosmos COs Pink Queen and Wax. Pink Queen loves watching people die. Wax, on his side, is a CO strictly For the Evulz and only wants to kick some people around (and because Authority Equals Asskicking).
      • Flash. Just Flash. The kid thinks the bloodstains make pretty patterns.
  • Beyond the Impossible: Flash HAS A PLANE MADE ENTIRELY OUT OF GUNS, a Cyborg bear, and an EMP cannon.
  • Britain Is Mostly London: Cobalt Ice is very guilty of this.
  • Big Eater: Robyn
    • Most of Pink Cosmos is this, since their food contains very little fat. Drinking an industrial-sized bottle of ketchup in one sitting is normal for them.
  • Comedic Sociopathy: Pink Queen and Knight Owl. Hell the entire setting is made of soldiers dying in fun ways. War Has Never Been So Much Fun has never been more fun!
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Brown Desert in general. Nearly everyone there is unaffected by sandstorms.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: All four nations.
  • Five-Man Band/Five-Bad Band: Every nation.
  • God Save Us From the Queen: It's hinted that Cobalt Ice might have a queen, being based on London.
    • Special mention goes to the Pink Queen.
  • Improbable Age: Keitaro has been promoted to CO at the completely believable age of 13. His case may be Justified however since he’s been fighting since he was six and Brown Desert seems to have a critical shortage of COs.
  • Lethal Joke Character: Pink Cosmos. They are ruled by a young girl, wear bright pink, the butt of every joke and jab, and yet...
  • Older Than They Look: Played with quite a bit.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Everybody in Pink Cosmos is required, by law, to wear at least some pink clothing.
  • Salt the Earth: Jonathan, of Cobalt Ice, often does this when using various unethical bio-weapons.
  • Shout-Out: Jonathan does one to Shakespeare Once an Episode.
  • The Captain: Shadow, Jonathan, Sanchez and The Pink Queen, by virtue of being in charge.
  • War Has Never Been So Much Fun: Some COs view war as this. Others Don't.
  • Wicked Cultured: Jonathan and Pink Queen.
  • Xanatos Gambit: The game has barely started and already Jonathan has shown mastery of these. Observe.
    • "This, Flash, is a marvelous opportunity to test out the latest in my line of anti-blogger machinery. I designed it to irreparably damage the computers of fools on the internet. You know, the kind that spend all day posting "Feerst pohst!" and "eet suhks eppeecley." If i turn it up, it should do some considerable damage to the posters of this propaganda as well. if they are truly from pink cosmos, then we will make a formal apology, call it a training exercise gone wrong, and win their trust back by sending them tea and crumpets. Since we are the only country who makes crumpets, and we have the best tea, far better than that brown desert slop that tastes of sand and camel urine, it should give us some brilliant PR. Alternatively, if it is not Pink Cosmos we are dealing with, we can simply follow the trail of corpses to the fools that dare cast my brilliant research in a negative light." Jonathan pressed a button on the USB device, and a loud explosion was heard. then another one, and another one, and visible clouds of dust could be seen over pink cosmos, forming words, and spelling out "You should have seen this coming" right above the capital.
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