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  • I know it's just meant to be silly dark humor, but what the hell happened at the end of the second film? Whose hand was that that reached out of the grave to grab Joel? It can't be Debbie's, since she was reduced to a pile of ash and credit cards. Was it Thing? This has been bugging me for years.
    • I'm answering only from memory here but there seem to be two possibilites: (1) It was indeed Thing; (2) She had played a little game of Wake the Dead of her own as preparation for the prank, and put the reanimated corpse in the grave.
    • I assumed it was just someone she asked to hid in the ground for exactly this purpose. Like Pugsley, say.
  • In Addams Family Values Debbie says her Time Life tape contains FIVE THOUSAND melodies. How can this be? The longest cassettes I've ever seen in my life were those two-hour blank tapes. If it's like that then that still means each melody (on average) must be less than a second and a half long—and that's not accounting for the ton of blank space they always left at the beginning and end of both sides of commercially released cassettes. Even the Hooked on Classics medleys weren't that swift.
    • I don't think she ever actually says that it's just one cassette. It could be like the Harry Potter audio book cassettes, where the fourth book had sixteen cassettes to it.
  • When Wednesday finds Gordon and his mother talking about stealing the family fortune, why does she run into the cemetery, instead of just running downstairs to find her father in the ballroom? She could easily outrun him.
    • Gomez probably would not have believed her.
    • Remember, she is a child. She probably ran to where she felt safest and most comfortable. Which in Wednesday's case is a cemetary.
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