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 I'm like the R-Patz of computer game voice overs."

A British voice actor who has also appeared in several live action shows.

2011 was a fantastic year for Howden, who was relatively unknown until he landed his Breakout Role as Anders in Dragon Age II. Only months after Dragon Age's release, it was announced that he would be playing the protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles, as well as the titular character in the game of the movie The Adventures of Tin Tin: Secret of the Unicorn. He also attended the London MCM Expo in October 2011 alongside Dragon Age II co-star Gideon Emery, where they made history being the first British guest voice actor panelists at the convention. During the end of the year he starred in the production of The Malcontent at the White Bear Theatre in London.

Outside of acting, Adam Howden is known for his outspoken nature and penchant for Toilet Humor on Twitter, where he has acquired many devoted fans- most of which happen to be female.

Notable roles:


  • Even the Guys Want Him: He's tweeted about being hit on by men multiple times.
  • Gray Eyes: A lovely pair. With his youthful and playful outlook that shines through during his interviews, he falls under category 3.
  • Handsome Lech: A more likable version, but certainly one nonetheless.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover, a trait that he shares with his Dragon Age 2 character. In fact, during a podcast one of his cats came into the room meowing loudly, clearly wanting to join in the conversation.
  • Name's the Same as an Australian cinematographer. For a while they accidentally shared a page on IMDB.
  • One of Us: Howden is addicted to twitter, and loves joking around with his fans. He's also practically a fanboy of fellow Dragon Age voice actor Felicia Day.
  • The Other Darrin: He has been the second person to voice every single one of his leading roles. Greg Ellis voiced Anders in Dragon Age: Awakening, Shulk was originally voiced in Japanese, Fenton Paddock was originally voiced in German, and Jamie Bell voices Tintin in the coinciding movie.
  • Too Much Information: Frequently!
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