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  • The females of the Capricorn Pirates in One Piece Parallel Works, especially Yuki-Rin, Hana, Chen, and Aria.
  • Kit Baxter from Red Panda Adventures.
  • Almost every female character from Darwin's Soldiers, though Snow, Dr. Joe, and Aisha deserve special mention.
  • Tex from Red vs. Blue. Prior to her arrival in Blood Gulch, she was often hired to kill off entire outposts on her own. The only character noted to be tougher than her in combat was the superhuman Meta, and only because he had a bunch of abilities he stole from other people. Without them, he had to gang up on her 2 against 1 to beat her.
    • Though it increasingly seems that any female Freelancer qualifies as this, to one degree or another. Say what you want about South, but Season 9 episode 2 showed she's quite the badass. And Carolina wiped the floor with an even larger number of troops, single-handedly.
  • Since the Whateley Universe is a Superhero world, it's not surprising that every female main character is this. Except Summoner, who's a White Mage and Squishy Wizard right now. Plus several auxiliary characters like the headmistress (who is Lady Astarte in her spare time) and a bunch of the female teachers.
  • Since the Global Guardians PBEM Universe is all about superheroic action, pretty much all female characters were this
  • Karen in The Dragon Wars Saga is an Action Girl, despite her clothes horse tendencies.
  • Faun in Tasakeru. Sexy, sassy, an expert thief, and willing to stuff a Trick Bomb in your face if you get on her bad side.
  • A lot of Survival of the Fittest characters, examples including Maxie Dasai, Trish McCarroll, Shameeca Mitchell, Bridget Connolly and Hayley Kelly.
  • Dongs "REO" Speedwagon.
  • The Tandy Arena has too many to count.
  • Most girls in Trinton Chronicles fit this trope.
  • Taz in Starship. She even declares herself leader by ripping off Up's Badass Mustache and putting it on herself.
  • Mynx, from Arenas.
  • Marz Gurl in Kickassia. Complete with punching her troops into shape.
    • And continued in Suburban Knights, while acting as San. She can swing a mean spear.
    • Speaking of which, damn Obscurus Lupa can work a gun.
    • Obscurus Lupa has an even greater Action Girl scene in To Boldly Flee. Lampshaded with "I feel a Cynthia Rothrock moment coming on."
  • Mariza Audrea of Registry of Time.
  • Foxy from Dead Ends is just as good at fending off the undead as the male characters. She even decapitates a would-be rapist with a katana!
  • In Greek Ninja, Sasha, Eleonora, Electra and demigoddess Danae Elliades, although it's more of an informed attribute in her case.
  • I Love Bees: Jan.
  • Pretty much every (non-silhouette) female character in RWBY.
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