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Actas is a Japanese studio largely known as the studio that almost ruined Transformers Anime.

Established in 1986 by Ex-Tatsunoko Production staff members as a unit of Production Reed and went solo in 1998, the company has provided animation for close to 100 different Anime.

Compare Studio DEEN and Sunrise as (mostly) incompetent Anime studios. See also Toei Animation, AKOM (Plus Sei Young and Dai Won); Mainframe Entertainment, Production Reed (Plus Echo, Trans Arts and FAI International); Studio Gallop, Dong Woo Animation, Wang Film Productions, GONZO, Sunwoo Entertainment, Industrial Light and Magic, Digital Domain, (Plus Prime Focus); Mook DLE, The Answer Studio, Studio 4°C (Plus Studio Wanpack and Asahi Production) and Polygon Pictures; other animation studios behind Transformers.

Major Projects worked on by Actas:

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